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I did a Donors page last week purchase 5 EV3 sets and it was fully funded!


Green City Challenge Trash Loop


This is Grant and Daniel completing the challenge of putting the black trash loop with the black trash receptacle for the Green City Challenge.

Videos from Green City Challenge

Green City Challenge Dam Windmill

The Green City Challenge is a Lego city. Students have to program their robots to make the city more green. The videos that I have posted are the activation of the windmill and making the dam complete by pushing in the block. Students have to come up with how they can add attachments to their robot to collect the energy brick and bring it back to the home base area.

Parent Presentation by Laurie Sherrell

GEP Parent presenation spring 2015

We heard a great presentation from Laurie Sherrell about the “Motivational Mindset” Click on this for the power point.



Need more filament

Hi, if you would like to donate filament for our printer, we need PLA 1.75 mm. Hatchbox is the brand that I have and it is sold on Amazon for 21.97. I have black, red, and I just ordered purple.

3D Printer and Matt Fridy

4th grade is well into the swing of things! We have picked up right where we left off last year. We have started our book, The Youngest Templar. It is about a boy who lived during the time of the crusades. It also has a lot of the same characters as Robin Hood.

I have recently purchased a 3-D printer and it has been quite a learning curve, but I am getting the hang of it. Below is a picture of one of the students’ designs. He created it at home on Tinkercad and we pulled it up here and printed it out.

first student design

Also, Matt Friday, our state representative, came out to visit last Friday. We showed him what we were doing and he told us about what he does. He is very supportive of our gifted children and the programs to support them.


Happy Spring!!


Cam Ward, Randy Fuller, and Mark Hall visit!


Simple Machines

We are well on our way in the 3rd grade rotation. See pictures below showing the students making the “mini golf putter” which is a 2 armed lever. This is one of the simple machines that we are studying.

3rd Grade Update

Thursday 5 Thursday 2 Thursday 4 Monday 2 Monday 3 Monday 1 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

Parent Update October

FullSizeRender3FullSizeRender FullSizeRender2 Hello 5th grade parents,

We are well into our rotation and doing lots of exciting things! The “Stock Market Game” officially started last week and all of our teams have started trading. We have been working on economic concepts for the past few weeks and now students are putting those lessons into action. This is a state wide contest that lasts for ten weeks. I have gotten the students started and Mr. Green will continue this with the 5th graders when they move into his rotation.

We have finished the basic training on how to program the NXT robots and for the next few weeks we will apply what we have learned through a simulation called the Mayan Adventure. The story is about a boy that goes on vacation with his archaeologist uncle that is excavating a tomb that has never before been discovered. The tomb is filled with traps and small caves that was made for a trained spider monkey to open. Unfortunately, the group has no monkeys, but they do have a Lego NXT kit! So, the students will be designing and programming the robots to be able to do the tasks required to enter and excavate the tomb.

We are almost finished with our read aloud, Blood on the River. The kids are loving that book. Too bad there is not a sequel!

Hope all is well with you during this busy fall time. I am putting some pictures on my blog of the kids playing the stock market game. Also, this is showing off all of the awesome technology that we have now. All of the gifted education teachers in Shelby County received two I pad minis and a chrome book. That money came from the legislature last year allocating 1.1 million dollars for gifted education throughout the state. Please keep this in mind when we encourage you in January to contact our representatives to FULLY fund gifted education. (I have my eye on the new mindstorms (EV3) that can run off of I pads and work wirelessly through bluetooth technology!) I am now up to SEVEN I pads, 2 lap tops, a chrome book, and 6 decent desk tops. The funding from parents, Cam Ward, April Weaver, grants from the Shelby County Greater Schools Foundation, and the Rikkard Foundation have made that possible. Thank you!!!

Have a great day!
Amanda Miller

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