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Here is the quizlett access to study for the test on Friday

T.B.  This is for you!

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Monday, April 24th

Check Section # 2 and # 3 homework from last week – Silver grade

Read a Journal article about the Counterculture movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s

Video Clip about the fall of Saigon in South Vietnam

Tuesday, April 25th

Complete End of chapter review Questions 1 – 6 and standardized test practice  1-6  – Silver grade

Reading comprehension check with passage about the 1970’s- Gold grade

Watch Video on Woodstock  as well as Jimmy Hendrix,  View a TV commercial from Subaru about Woodstock


finish classwork from Tuesday for first 15 minutes

Check All class work

View Part of an episode of the The Jeffersons- discuss Norman Lear and his impact on television

Who started the Peace Sign?

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April 17 – 21

Homework sheet for Vietnam Section # 2 and # 3  extended to Monday (students will receive Wednesday or Thursday depending on class period)


Review the study guide given out last week

Review homework Vietnam Section # 1 Handout and vocabulary builder

Review test questions together

Finish Reading Last two pages of section # 1 Vietnam chapter


Take Civil Rights Test

Complete Standardized test practice for the chapter  questions # 1 – 6 BONUS

Read Journal article about Joan Baez – answer 2 questions

Handout out homework sheet for section # 2 and # 3 due Friday


Check test, journal article questions, and extra credit.  Listen to Section # 2 on Audio


1,3 finish listening to section # 2 on Audio

All other classes read section # 3 independently- work on section # 2,3, handout which is due Monday


Literacy activity with the reading coach- Music of the 1960’s, 1970’s 1980’s



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Dear Parents of students in my sixth period class,

Sixth period is one of my smallest classes. With this being said they are one of the most challenging with regards to talking and off-task behaviors.  I have spoken with students and given strikes as needed, along with adjusting seats in the class.  Students are continuing to carry on conversations while I am teaching the class.  Students are blurting out comments constantly in class.

I am asking for your assistance to speak with your child. If you child is caught being disruptive, I will be issuing detentions from this point on.  Disruption is a class one offence.


Mr. Wilson


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Use the address below and place into the search bar to study for the vocabulary test next Tuesday.


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Important information on tests and quizzes

Vocabulary Quiz on Civil Rights Unit next Tuesday, April 11th

Test on Civil Rights two weeks from now  Tuesday, April 18th

Quiz on Southern States label on a map Tuesday, April 11th- we have practiced labeling the states together 

Words that have been previously defined:  United Farm Workers, National Organization for Women, Sit- In, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Freedom Rides, March on Washington, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, Equal Rights Amendment, American Indian Movement, Disabled in Action, Great Society, Black Power, Brown Vs. Board of Education, Little Rock Nine, Montgomery Bus Boycott



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To access the online textbook go to

Choose state:  alabama

login: all lower case letters

user name:





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Notes on LBJ and JFK  Compare and contrast
Open Note quiz rescheduled for Thursday April 6th print out notes below and bring to class to use

civil rights comparecontrast presidents notes

Civil Rights Vocabulary quiz on April 11th Wednesday


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Week of April 4th – 7th

Handouts given

Compare and Contrast Handout


Civil Rights Section # 2 Handout


Civil Rights

Section  # 3 handout




Monday 4/3/17

Vocabulary Test on Civil Rights Chapter on Tuesday, April 11th

Take open note bell work quiz on JFK and LBJ using graphic organizer completed before spring break on Thursday-

Finish The Story of Ruby Bridges ( All classes will finish today.


Tuesday  4/4/17

Reading Specialist conducted a table top twitter lesson using a Dr. Seuss book written as a response to Germany and the treatment of Jews

Wednesday 4/5/17 – school cancelled

checking all terms on Thursday for a grade ( terms for the chapter defined before the spring break)


Chapter 13 Section # 3 Rights for other Americans  pages                    420 – 423

Hispanics Organize for Change

How did Hispanic Americans organize for Change?


Who was their leader?


What organization was formed?


The Women’s Movement

How did President Kennedy respond to help women in the workforce?

Who was Betty Friedan?

Why was she important?

What was the goal of the NOW?

What did the ERA do?

Who was Phyllis Schafly and what was her role at this time in history?

Other Voices for Change

What were some issues that Native American dealt with at this time in history?

Who was the Native American leader?  Dennis Banks

The Disability Rights Movement

Who was Judy Heumann ?

Why was she important?

What is DIA?


School cancelled- finish hand out questions above.  Several classes received the handout

Thursday 4/6/17

Take open note quiz on LBJ- JFK

Complete open ended questions using RACE method about Project C during the Civil Rights movement

Friday 4/7/17

Check LBJ- JFK quiz together

Discuss section # 3 handout/ check together

Read journal article on Robert F. Kennedy and his assassination




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To access the online textbook go to

Choose state:  alabama

login: all lower case letters

user name: