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Week of April 4th – 7th

Handouts given

Compare and Contrast Handout


Civil Rights Section # 2 Handout


Civil Rights

Section  # 3 handout


Chapter 13 Section # 3 Rights for other Americans  pages                    420 – 423

Hispanics Organize for Change

How did Hispanic Americans organize for Change?


Who was their leader?


What organization was formed?


The Women’s Movement

How did President Kennedy respond to help women in the workforce?

Who was Betty Friedan?

Why was she important?

What was the goal of the NOW?

What did the ERA do?

Who was Phyllis Schafly and what was her role at this time in history?

Other Voices for Change

What were some issues that Native American dealt with at this time in history?

Who was the Native American leader?

The Disability Rights Movement

Who was Judy Heumann ?

Why was she important?

What is DIA?


Monday 4/4/17

Vocabulary Test on Chapter 13 words is this Friday

Check Section # 2 Handout completed in class on Wednesday before spring break

Take open note bell work quiz on JFK and LBJ using graphic organizer completed before spring break

Tuesday   4/5/17

Work with groups to complete section # 3 handout

Students will share their projects

Wednesday 4/6 / 17


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To access the online textbook go to

Choose state:  alabama

login: all lower case letters

user name:





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Social Studies Week of 3/20 – 3/24

Monday 3/20

Define words for Chapter 13 or create a word search for the words

Read a journal article about Dennis Banks- Native American Civil Rights activist

Tuesday 3/21

Listen to Section # 2 410 – 415 together in class/Discuss



Wednesday 3/22

Read Journal Article about the life of Ray Charles

Use Graphic Organizer to compare and contrast LBJ/JFK- handout given ( 20 minutes then we will check and add information on our organizer.  Open notebook test will be given the week after spring break on the handout.

Complete Section # 2 handout in groups

Thursday 3/23

Finish Group project about journal article from last week

Finish section # 2 handout due after spring break

Finish defining all words in chapter 13 due after spring break

Friday 3/24

Selma Lord Selma Movie

Have a wonderful spring break




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Handouts for Chapter 13 Civil Rights





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Link to Quizlet for Chapter 12 quiz Cold War next Tuesday

Just copy and paste the address below into a new web search bar.


Monday 3/13/17

Map of Asia Due Wednesday   label all countries, bodies of water and outline using your own color code chapter12mapofasia

QUIZ TOMMORROW ON SECTION # 3 WORDS– Nuremberg Trials, United Nations, Cold War, Truman Doctrine, NATO, 38th Parallel, Arms Race, Sun Belt, Beats, Brinkmanship  These words have been defined and put in notebooks last week.

Read section # 3 Chapter 12 together pages 388 – 391

Complete Section # 3 handout along with the STP on page 399 ( 1 – 7)

chapter12section# 3handout   Handout for Cold War Section # 3 worked on in class due tomorrow for a grade


Tuesday 3/14/17

Check Section # 3  FOR A GRADE. Chapter 12 handout

Complete Quizlet on Chapter 12 Words

If time students may read pages 392 – 395 as a group.

PI- Day  – SGA students will do a presentation about this mathematical discovery

Wednesday- 3/15/17

Finish Group work on Journal Article and share their Article in class- This was started last week in class with small groups.

Turn in Map of Asia- Completion Grade ( This map was labeled a week or so ago )


Handout out Section 3# 1 Homework Due Friday

Thursday 3/16/17

Listen to Section # 1 on Audio Chapter 13

404 – 408

Discuss- Work on Section # 1 handout due tomorrow

chapter13civilrights#1  you may print out the handout using link to the left

Friday 3/17/17

Define the following terms in your notebook:

Brown Vs. the Board of Education

Little Rock Nine

Montgomery Bus Boycott


Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

March on Washington

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Great Society

Black Power

United Farm Workers

National Organization for Women

Equal Rights Amendment

American Indian Movement

Disabled in Action


Check Chapter 13 Section # 1 Handout






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Social Studies Week of March 6 – 10

Monday- 6th

Work in small groups to read Chapter 12 section # 2 Investigate questions and answer together in groups. (handout given to students)


Continue working in class groups on section # 2 .  Share more projects in class.



Share Projects- Finishing up sharing/

Read Section # 3 together Chapter 12 – The 1950’s/ Baby Boom/Rock n Roll/ Changing cultural shifts


Complete section # 3 handout in groups- turn in for a class work grade

Watch video on The Cold War


Students out workday for faculty.


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Mr. Wilson Social Studies Classes


Week of February 27 – March 3


Complete Standardized test Practice Chapter 11 in class

Share Projects


Hand out of Section # 1 front and back- HOMEWORK DUE FRIDAY


Take World War II Test – Gold Grade

Share Projects


Define: Nuremburg Trial and United Nations in vocabulary section of notebook ( Bell work )

Listen to the first part of Chapter 12 Section # 1 on Audio 368 – 372 –

Share Projects


Define: Cold War and Arms Race in vocabulary section of notebook ( Bell work )

Read remainder of Section # 1 pages 372 – 375 together in class

Work in small groups to read journal article assigned- each group will present their article to the class



Define:  NATO and 38th Parallel in vocabulary section of your notebook ( Bell work )

Check homework assigned on Monday- Bronze Grade

Students will work in pairs to complete map of Asia during the cold war- waters, countries, capitals – color code and outline each country







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I still have some students who have not returned their World War II Assignment forms with parent signatures.  The project is due next Monday.

Students who go to game sites during computer lab will receive a technology disruption strike from me.

WW 2 test is next Tuesday

We will be in the computer lab again tomorrow to do the following:

Finish project, finish study guide for test, and explore the holocaust virtual tour video-  a few students are not using their time wisely.

Most all of the students are working hard, creating a wonderful presentation to share next week.




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Week of February 20 – 24

Monday-  President’s Day- Holiday


Read Play together The Rosenburg Trial


Work on Project in class


Work on Project in class


Video on The Children of the Holocaust


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Type in the address below to reach a practice quizlet made by Mr. Peckham.