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Students are welcome to bring cards or crossword puzzles to class each day


Awards Day


Choir Performs for 6th grade 1st period

locker clean out all items go home


Husky Fun Day


Dismiss at 1:00

Have a wonderful summer.

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Monday  5/15

Bell work

Students will choose an opinion about the draft in Vietnam for men and women .  Students will write a short paragraph.  We will discuss ( not a graded activity ) and share some views in class.

Finish reading section # 1 all classes that haven’t finished/ Read Section # 3 about Carter’s presidency pages 910 – 914 together and discuss

Begin video about The U.S. Years 1976 – 1980 ( America Starting Over )

Tuesday 5/16

Bell work

page 919  # 21,22,23

Review and discuss together

Classwork- Answer questions # 9 – 14 Answers only ( Bronze grade )

Watch  video about The U.S. Years 1976 – 1980 ( America Starting Over )

Wednesday 5/17

Check Answers to # 9 – 14 together from Tuesday

Begin Reading Chapter 32 Reagan Presidency pages 922 – 926

Question:  Why did President Reagan think lowering taxes would aid the economy? Support your answer with evidence from the text.

Thursday 5/18

Work with a partner to read pages 928 – 933 and answer the questions on the handout given.

Friday 5/19

Check answers from Thursday

Video about Reagan





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Kahoot to practice for the test

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Social Studies Week of May 8 – May 12


If your student checked out a book for the year, ( Red Social Studies Book ) please return to me.

Monday- May 8th

Play Kahoot to review for the test on Vietnam tomorrow

Listen to several reports on Asian countries

Tuesday-May 9th

Western States- Bell work sheet  ( Quiz on the states on Friday )

Take test on Vietnam War

Read silently at desk until all have finished work

Listen to several reports on Asian countries if time

Wednesday May 10th

Nixon’s Foreign Policy

Read pages 896 – 900 in the blue textbook together

Work on page 38  and page 42 handouts in class (students will receive a copy)

Thursday May 11th

Bell Work – Practice labeling Western States Capitals review

Review test on Vietnam War with students

Work on page 38 and page 42 handouts to finish in class / we will check these tomorrow in class.

Finish reports on Asian Countries

Friday May 12th

Check page 38 and page 42 handouts in class

Take Western States Quiz ( Silver Grade )

Watch a video about Nixon and Watergate



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Week of May 1 – May 5


Test on Vietnam will be Tuesday May  9th/ Study Guide Due Friday- We will check together

Mini-project about countries that border Vietnam due Tuesday, May 9th

Work on Study Guide for the test

Video Clips of Popular music and T.V. Shows


Finish study guide in class today

Video clips of Popular music and T.V. Shows


Work on short project about  countries that border Vietnam


Work on short project about  countries that border Vietnam


Finish project at home due Tuesday.  2 days allowed in class to work on project

Review Study Guide




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Here is the quizlett access to study for the test on Friday

T.B.  This is for you!

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Monday, April 24th

Check Section # 2 and # 3 homework from last week – Silver grade

Read a Journal article about the Counterculture movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s

Video Clip about the fall of Saigon in South Vietnam

Tuesday, April 25th

Complete End of chapter review Questions 1 – 6 and standardized test practice  1-6  – Silver grade

Reading comprehension check with passage about the 1970’s- Gold grade

Watch Video on Woodstock  as well as Jimmy Hendrix,  View a TV commercial from Subaru about Woodstock


finish classwork from Tuesday for first 15 minutes

Check All class work

View Part of an episode of the The Jeffersons- discuss Norman Lear and his impact on television

Who started the Peace Sign?

Watch Video about Agent Orange and the effects of Dioxins


Review for the vocabulary test tomorrow/ use quizlett for review in class.

Video about the tunnel rats in Vietnam


Read and discuss excerpt from the book : Where Have You Gone, Charming Billy?

The story about how Vietnam changed many men.  Discuss imagery and senses used in the one page passage.

Take Vocab. quiz on Vietnam terms- Gold Grade 52 points

Watch a video clip from Miss Saigon – Song when the main actress and actor are being separated after the fall of Saigon.


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April 17 – 21

Homework sheet for Vietnam Section # 2 and # 3  extended to Monday (students will receive Wednesday or Thursday depending on class period)


Review the study guide given out last week

Review homework Vietnam Section # 1 Handout and vocabulary builder

Review test questions together

Finish Reading Last two pages of section # 1 Vietnam chapter


Take Civil Rights Test

Complete Standardized test practice for the chapter  questions # 1 – 6 BONUS

Read Journal article about Joan Baez – answer 2 questions

Handout out homework sheet for section # 2 and # 3 due Friday


Check test, journal article questions, and extra credit.  Listen to Section # 2 on Audio


1,3 finish listening to section # 2 on Audio

All other classes read section # 3 independently- work on section # 2,3, handout which is due Monday


Literacy activity with the reading coach- Music of the 1960’s, 1970’s 1980’s



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Dear Parents of students in my sixth period class,

Sixth period is one of my smallest classes. With this being said they are one of the most challenging with regards to talking and off-task behaviors.  I have spoken with students and given strikes as needed, along with adjusting seats in the class.  Students are continuing to carry on conversations while I am teaching the class.  Students are blurting out comments constantly in class.

I am asking for your assistance to speak with your child. If you child is caught being disruptive, I will be issuing detentions from this point on.  Disruption is a class one offence.


Mr. Wilson


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Use the address below and place into the search bar to study for the vocabulary test next Tuesday.