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Monday- 9/25

Bellwork quiz 0pen note Friday / key terms test Friday

Bellwork -Monday

complete and review answer together


Students will have time to define Key terms from Chapter 6 listed below

We will read a journal article about Jane Addams


Mr. Peckham and I will have a test on Key people and terms on Friday, September 29th as per the school testing calendar.


Students should study these terms.  We will review all of these in class this week.


The words are review and should be defined already except for Chapter 6 terms.


Chapter 4

Patents, corporations, trust, monopoly, collective bargaining, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford


Chapter 5

Steerage, tenements, sweatshops, suburbs, mass transit,  settlement houses, department stores, Joseph Pulitzer, Jane Addams

Chapter 6

Capitalism, Socialism, Progressives, conservation, 16th amendment, 17th amendment, 18th amendment, 19 amendment, Booker T. Washington



Review Key terms Chapter 4 and 5 together – allow 10 minutes to make flash cards or review information

Read Article on Joseph Pulitzer

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Bell work Questions for Next Week  9/25 – 9/29



(DOK level must be at level 2,3, or 4 for the majority of the week)

What is conservation? Why was it important in the past and today. 187 How did the Pure Food and Drug Act help society with health concerns? 187 Explain what Roosevelt’s Square Deal hoped to achieve? 186 What was the main idea behind the civil-service system in the late 1800’s

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Extra Credit for Chapter 5 Test




Choose one theme below and explain in a short paragraph how the term relates to technology and innovation.  How did the inventions help society, change  America, improve quality of life


Use your best Handwriting, complete sentences,and punctuation marks.


  1.   Linotype
  2.   Mass Transit
  3.   Steel Industry
  4.   Safety Elevator

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Chapter 5 immigration Kahoot

Copy the address below into the address bar and search.  Mr. Peckham’s Kahoot will show up for you to review and practice for your test on Friday.



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Monday  9/18

Chapter 5 open book test is Friday, September 22nd

Look at Standardized test practice item #8 Read article and Use race to tell the main idea in the article.

Read Journal Article and view art of the Expressionists period.


Tuesday  9/19

Check Reading Comprehension Article Photojournalism from last Friday/  Collect for a grade

These questions below are answers only.  You will have the class period to finish these.  Due Tomorrow.

Chapter Review Questions – 1-7 ( page 153); 8- a,b,c 9-a,b,c

Standardized test practice 1- 7

Wednesday 9/20

Play Kahoot to practice for the test

Thursday 9/21

Interactive tour of Ellis and Angel Islands using Chromebooks

Friday 9/22

Take Chapter 5 open- book test

Interactive tour of Ellis and Angel Islands using Chromebooks


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Social Studies –  September 11 – 15

Handouts for the week

ABC Brainstorm chapter 5 section#3

Chapter5 section #3 vocabulary



School Closed Weather Day


School Closed Weather Day




Counseling Session with Mrs. Nipp/ Learning Styles / How to get the most out of your learning.


Review Chapter 4 test – hand out papers and review all questions

Review and check extra credit points and hand out papers

Listen to Section # 3 on Audio  – Life in the Cities Chapter 5

Work in small groups on ABC Brainstorm activity after I explain the procedure- Students will finish this activity on Friday


Bell Work – Take Vocabulary Quiz on Section # 3 ( Use book to answer 5 questions page 148     10 minutes to complete multiple choice

Check and hand in work


Complete Vocabulary sheet for the entire chapter – Handout

Work in small groups to finish ABC Brainstorm activity



Have an awesome Weekend

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 Monday  9/4/17  Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday  9/5/17

Test on chapter 4 this Friday Use section # 1,2,3 handouts to study.  Those can be reproduced from my blog entry two weeks or so ago.  Students were given their copies back.


Section # 2 listen on Audio

Check Section # 1 handout together


Test review in class for bell work

Review section # 1 handout

Read article about Upton Sinclair- Meatpacking industry

Watch Video about Chicago’s large stock yard


Play Kahoot to practice for the Chapter 4 test

Pep Rally Day


Administer  Chapter 4 test (Gold)

Complete Extra Credit assignment (Gold)

Progress reports go home today – handed out during 4th period lunch class.



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Chapter 5 Immigrant and Urban Life Handouts scanned / to use 9/5 – 9/8

Chapter 5 Immigrants section # 2 handout

Chapter 5 section # 3 handout

Chapter 5 section # 3 ABC Brainstorm



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Old Immigrants- came from Northern Europe

New Immigrants- came from Eastern and Southern Europe


Steerage – area below a ship’s .  deck where steering mechanisms were located.  Below water level

Benevolent Societies

– place to help immigrants with sickness or health issues.


Tenements – small run – down apartment building where immigrants lived.


Chinese Exclusion Act –

Banning Chinese people from immigrating to the U.S. for ten years.  


Sweatshops – workplaces that were hot, and had unhealthy working conditions. Example : garment factories