Renaming to Subtract Mixed Numbers

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Borrowing with Fractions

This video shows how to subtract with borrowing or renaming to subtract mixed numbers. The video does it a different way than we did it today, if you understand this way that is OK.

Remember our steps are when subtracting:

1. Look to see if we have common denominators… if they are not common find the LCD.

2. Check to see if the numerator in the top fraction is bigger than the bottom fractions numerator.

If it is not then you:

1. Subtract one from the top whole number

2. Add the top fractions (numerator and denominator) and put that by the whole number

3. Keep the denominator

EX: 5 1/3          5 4/12        4 16/12

-       3 2/4         3 6/12        3 6/12


1 10/12= 1 5/6

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