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I am excited to have started our Algebra Unit. Tonight Wednesday we have no HW. IN the link below, you will find a parent letter that states what we will be covering. I will try and post some tutoring information as well but I am not making any promises. I hope you all are having a GREAT week!

Parent Letter Link:


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Please if you have any questions on fractions please let me know. I am here to help!

If you are logging on and looking at my blog everyday, please post and let me know.

Thank you all for being great students!

First Day of School

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You can find my “About Me” presentation at this link…

Rules and Procedures

If you are not able to see my Rules and Procedures, feel free to email me and I will be glad to send it to you that way.


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I hope everyone is having a GREAT summer! I am! I love spending time with my baby boy and watching him grow. I am getting things ready for school and I think I am probably as anxious as you all are. I cannot wait to meet all of the new 6th graders. Feel free to comment and let me know how your summer is going and what you are looking forward to this school year!

Do not be like these two on the escalator!

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Mrs. Alexander

Ratio, rates, and Percents Study Guide Answers

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This is for you to check your work. If you do not know how to get the answer let me know!


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Leave me a comment so I know you have seen my blog! :-)


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Table of Contents:

11-5   Warm Up (11-5, 11-6, 11-7)          1

11-6    HW Pg 166-167 1-10                      2

11-7    Measurement Notes                      3

11-7     HW Pg 18 1-16                                 4

11-8     Warm Up (11-8, 11-13, 11-14)   5

Online Textbook

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If you would like to view your textbook online email me for your username and password. To log in you go to Your redemption code is 6TXM-354S-JX1O .


Homework 11-5-11-9

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For homework this past week you had to complete page 166 1-10 and page 18 1-16. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Have a GREAT weekend! RTR!



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Click on the link to see photos about me!

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