Second Semester

So with the changing of the calendar year brings a changing of the art classes here at OMMS. I have enjoyed meeting all of my new students that will be with me for the next few weeks. It is also nice to see my “former” students in and around the school as well. We are starting our time off together with a project I always like with new students. We are taking our name, drawing it using block/bubble letters, and then creating a design around our names to fill the page. This is a good starting point for the students so that they are able to work independently, they can showcase their talents and they can get acclimated to the art room and rules. This project helps me tremendously in that I am able to “break the ice” by helping in any way needed and at the same time learn all of my student’s names. I look forward to an exciting time with all of my students and will keep you updated as I can. Happy 2018 to you all.

A few random pics…

Pottery from 1st Semester




Student Art Work for the Superintendent’s Visual Arts Show

Olivia Herring

Kamari Givan


Liv Chatta


Madison Chapman


2nd Semester 8th Graders At work


Pretty Paint Cups…



Rainbows greet us on January 12th!


Santa’s Helpers visiting the Art Room


Expectations run high in art!

Fun in the Second Semester 2018!

Spring Semester greetings to you all! This is the time of year that we are in the home stretch with our school year and the real fun begins. Art shows abound, student teachers appear and loads of awesomeness occurs. I will be sharing some photos of whats happening as i can but these kids really keep me busy here at school. If you ever need me or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Hope you all are doing well and continue as so.
Mr. C

Haunted House/Fall Gala Order Form

Below you will find a link to a Word Document containing the Haunted House/Fall Gala Ticket and Shirt order form.  If you are unable to open this file, I also pasted the text of the order form below.  Please note: Shirt orders are due by September 29th so please order soon.

Thanks so much.

Mr. C


I Survived T Shirt Order Form(1)


OCTOBER 20th 7 pm


Order T-Shirts by SEPTEMBER 29


Individual Gala Admission and Haunted House Tours will be sold at lunch in the OMMS Cafeteria October 19th and 20th and at the Fall Gala.


  • GALA ADMISSION $7 (Ticket will be given to student 10/19)
  • EACH HAUNTED HOUSE TOUR $5 [armband(s) will be given to student 10/19]


STUDENT NAME _____________________________________ Grade ___________


Advisory Teacher’s Name ____________________________


Fall Gala Package _______x 25.00 = _________  Size: Small   Medium  Large  XLarge


Gala Admission Only _______x 7.00 = _________


Each Haunted House Tour _______x 5.00 = __________


Student Shirt _____ x 15.00 = _________  Size: Small   Medium  Large  XLarge


Volunteer/Teacher Shirt ______x 10.00 = _______  Size: Small   Medium  Large  XLarge



Fall Gala/Haunted House October 20th!

All Year Art Students work on advertisements for our upcoming Fall Gala/Haunted House.  This event is sponsored by the Oak Mountain Middle School Arts Council (AC).  The AC is a huge sponsor and supporter of the Visual Arts Classroom here at OMMS and your support of this group is greatly appreciated.  

Gala tickets-$7

Haunted House Tour-$5


Complete Package (Ticket, Tour, T)-$25

Shirt orders are due on or before September 29th as they are printed to order.

Order online at WWW.GOFAN.CO

Coupons for Classrooms

The annual “Coupons for Classrooms” fundraiser kick-off is Monday, January 30th. Proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Oak Mountain Middle School Arts Council. From here, the Arts Council provides funding for Art, Music, Drama, and more.
This year the Council has decided to up the ante on us and is offering an incentive to sell the books. They are having a friendly competition between those they support and who ever sells the most books will receive an additional $1000 in funding. This would truly help out in our desire to purchase a high-fire kiln for the art room.
If you have a student enrolled in art, formerly enrolled in art or who simply loves art, please help us reach our goal and sell the most books.
If you have any questions or would like more information on the coupon book sale please contact me at
Thank you for your help and support.

Brown Paper Bags

My 8th graders are going to be working on a project which requires the use of brown paper grocery bags. If you have any extra just hanging around, please send them in and we would greatly appreciate it.

Happy Monday to you all!

Be Still…

No it is not a suggestion for students in the art room, it is however the focus of our ongoing project with 7th grade.  Still-life painting is a staple in the repertoire of every young art student.  It is in these paintings that we are given the chance to look at shading, line, movement and space conveyed in our art works.  This project began with a look into van Gogh’s sunflowers and how he utilized shape, form and line to create a cohesive work of art.  Through our knowledge of forms, students began with an empty vase on a table and transformed it into an explosion of lines, shapes and colors.  Overlapping and size difference were emphasized to convey to the viewer a sense of space in these works.  Tempera paint provided us the medium in which we were able to fully show to the viewer that flowers were not simply round, simple circles with bumpy petals, but were much more: organic flowing shapes with details such as leaves and stems, stamen and color variation.  By far, one of the most talented and successful bunch I have seen.

Welcome also to Mr. Vincent Williem van Gogh! 6th grade…

Today we looked into the life and works of Vincent van Gogh.  Students read aloud a brief bio of van Gogh’s life and we discussed how tragic his story truly is.  Troubled throughout his life by depression, loneliness, poverty and dispair, van Gogh found his safe place and solitude through his expressive lines, dramatic colors and beautiful scenes from his everyday life.  Through looking at his works, the students drew comparisons and contrasts between the landscapes of Arles and the photographs of Yosemite taken by Ansel Adams.  Discussed were the grand mountains, trees, hills and rolling hills present in both works.  Students will begin creating a simplified landscape based on Adams’ works and utilize the line, movement and color found in the works of van Gogh.  Oil pastels will lend their rich and vibrant colors to our finished works in order to find and reveal how well these two differing  styles blend as one.

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