First Semester Study Guide Answer Key

We reviewed the study guide in class today so that I could answer any questions the students might have prior to their exam.  I am including a copy of the answer key in case you or your child need the answers when reviewing together.  The answer key is attached below.  As stated on ListServ, the exam schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, December 12    1st and 2nd Periods

Wednesday, December 13    5th and 6th Periods

Thursday, December 14    3rd and 4th Periods

Friday, December 15     Make-up Exams

First Semester Exam Study Guide Answer Key


Study Guide for Exam

We will be distributing a study guide to the students on Thursday for the math semester exam.  The students may complete the study guide at home, and we will have an extensive review in class on Monday, December 11, 2017.

Exam Schedule for Next Week


Monday 12/11 Tuesday 12/12 Wed.  12/13 Thurs. 12/14 Friday 12/15
1st. Review 1st Period Exam 5th Period Exam 3rd Period Exam 1st
2nd Review 2nd Period Exam 6th Period Exam 4th Period  Exam 2nd
3rd Review 3rd Review 3rd Review 1st 3rd.
4th Review 4th Review 4th Review 4th 4th  Dismissal at 1 P.M.
5th Review 5th Review 1st 5th
6th Review 6th Review 2nd 6th

HW – Calculating Exponents

We began our discussions on calculating exponents today in class.  We made a flipbook on how to calculate exponents, the vocabulary involved in calculating exponents, and the “nicknames” some exponents have been given. The homework is attached below.  We will continue with exponents tomorrow and begin order of operations on Wednesday of this week.

HW Nov 27 Exponents

**They may use calculators to solve each exponent.