3D Figure Project Guidelines and Rubric

We will be completing a 3D Figure Project in class this next week with partner groups.  The students will be planning, creating, and presenting their projects for a gold assessment grade to be given next week.  I have attached the guidelines and rubric each student will receive today in class.  We are allowing the students to bring arts and crafts materials from home, but we are requesting that no one bring spray paint.  I will be able to hold each group’s project and materials until we have presentations at the beginning of next week.  The 3D Figure Projects will be displayed in the media center after presentations.

There will be no homework this week due to the projects.  All work done to each group’s project must be completed at school.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

3D Figure Project Guidelines and Rubric


We will complete a thorough review in class on Thursday to prepare for our gold assessment this Friday.  The assessment will cover perimeter, area, surface area, 3-D figures, and nets.  Your child should bring home his or her review for additional practice if needed.

Math ACT ASPIRE Assessment

We will be testing the math ACT ASPIRE this week.  The following is when each period will be administered the assessment:

Tuesday, April 11:  5th period and 3rd period

Wednesday, April 12:  2nd period and 7th period

Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night before the assessment and eats a great breakfast the morning of the assessment.

There will be no homework this week due to ACT ASPIRE assessments in math and reading.

Week of March 20-24

We are investigating the statistical topic of creating histograms and box and whisker plots using mean, median, mode and range this week in math as well as reviewing our portfolios for May Student Led Conferences.  We will not have any homework this week, but we will resume with homework the week after spring break.  After spring break, we will begin our unit in geometry on surface area and volume.