Science Study Guide Ch. 13 Lessons 3-5


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Chapter 13 Lessons 3-5 Study Guide


1. Where is a magnetic field strongest?

at the poles

  1. Why does a compass needle point in a north-south direction?

The needle reacts to Earth’s magnetic poles.


  1. Electromagnets convert energy from one form to another. In what ways does an electromagnet convert energy?

electric energy to magnetic energy to mechanical energy


  1. How can you increase the strength of an electromagnet?

More coils

More current passing through the wires

Larger core


  1. What did Michael Faraday discover?

Changing a magnetic field created an electric current in a wire.


  1. What did he do with this information?

He shared it with other scientists.

  1. What is produced when a coiled wire is spun around a magnet?


  1. Explain what happens to a magnet’s poles if a magnet is broken into two parts. What poles will seek each other on the two magnet parts?

Each magnet will still have its own north-seeking and south-seeking poles. The north-seeking pole of one part will attract the south-seeking pole of the other part.


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