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Citizen Scientist Project Data will be submitted on 2/23.  Click here for more information:  Edwards Citizen Scientist Project (1)

Monday- Review over Periodic Trends and graph ionization energy of elements 1-30.   Add trends to the periodic foldable.

Tuesday- Quiz on new 20 symbols, Do Study Guide together for the test

Wednesday- Kahoot to review

Thursday- Test on Atoms and Periodic Table.  Begin vocabulary for chapter 5 after test.

Friday- Out for Teacher Data Day


New Organ Project is due on February 26th.  Click here for information:  2018 New organ docx

Monday- Vocabulary is due:  Vocabulary  Finish respiratory system notes, review lab and do book questions to test understanding.

Tuesday- Cover the Excretory System.  Read "Scrubbing nephron" article together and draw, and label system.

Wednesday- Review all material by playing vocabulary bingo, jeopardy and family feud

Thursday- Open Note Test on Circulatory, Respiratory and Excretory Systems.

Friday- Out for teacher data day.

Citizen Scientist Project :  Edwards Citizen Scientist Project (1)

Monday- Aspire Interim 2 Test.  Will give back Virtual labs on Element Characteristics to complete.

Tuesday- Finish presentations and Quiz on Elements 1-20 symbols.  Add Inside of Periodic Table Foldable about families.

Wednesday-  Packet on Periodic Table

Thursday- Check packet and do QR quest

Friday- Trends on the Periodic Table lab

New Organ Project due date is quickly approaching!  Click here for information: 2018 New organ docx

Vocabulary for Cardiopulmonary and Excretory Systems is due Thursday!  Click here for information:   Vocabulary


Monday- Aspire Interim Test #2 ( Work on Vocabulary following completion of test)

Tuesday- Guided notes on Circulatory System

Wednesday- AMSTI lab on Heart pump system

Thursday- Notes on Respiratory System

Friday- AMSTI lab on Respiration



Element Superhero Project is due Thursday 2/1/18.  Click here for instructions:  Superhero Project

Citizen Scientist Topics are due this coming Friday 2/2/18.  Click here for project information:  Edwards Citizen Scientist Project (1)

Monday-  Quiz on Atoms and Symbols today ( Rescheduled from Friday)  Will watch introductory video about the layout of the Periodic Table.

Tuesday- History of Periodic Table.  Add new flap to our foldable and add our periodic table foldable and begin color coding families.

Wednesday- Virtual lab on Elements

Thursday-  Element Superhero presentations begin today.

Friday-  Citizen Scientists topics are due and continue to present Superhero projects


New Organ Project is due February 26, 2018!  Click here for information:2018 New organ docx

Study Guide for Friday's Test_Digestive, nervous and endocrine study guide

Monday- We will review the lab from Friday, get notebooks organized and review the Endocrine System.

Tuesday- We will do questions from the book to help review nervous, endocrine and digestive systems.

Wednesday- Virtual lab on Enzymes

Thursday- Review game for test

Friday- Test on Digestive, Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Citizen Scientist Project :  Edwards Citizen Scientist Project (1)

Elements #1-20 Chemical Symbols have been assigned to memorize.  Quiz on Friday!

Monday- We will meet in computer lab and work on the Element Superhero Project:  Superhero Project

Tuesday- Review all covered material.  Discuss isotopes.  Do worksheet to practice reading element squares ( Protons, Neutrons and Electrons)

Wednesday- Worksheets due.  Check in class.  Discuss Bohr Models and Valence Electrons ; add to our foldable.  Practice making models with manipulatives in class.

Thursday- Make 2-D Bohr Models to reinforce understanding.  ( Review Games)

Friday -Quiz on all covered material.  ( Symbols too)  Watch Bill Nye video on atoms

New Organ Project needs to be worked on outside of school.  It is due February 26th!  Click here for information:  2018 New organ docx

Monday- Digestive System outline due as well as Nervous system worksheet.  ( See Google Classroom for copies of outline!)  We will go over guided notes and then work on the Endocrine System notes.

Tuesday- We will do a lab about the Nervous System.  ( Will pass back worksheets)

Wednesday- AMSTI Lab "Pass it Through"

Thursday-AMSTI Lab- Testing for starches and sugars

Friday- AMSTI Lab - Fuel and Energy


Citizen Scientist Project is due April 30, 2018.  Click here for information:  Edwards Citizen Scientist Project (1)

Monday- Out due to MLK Observance.

Tuesday- Element Symbol Words are due.  Review games, Worksheet to practice using Periodic Table information  

Wednesday- Check worksheet, do QR Quest.  Games

Thursday- Bohr Model flap and practice making models with manipulatives

Friday- Computer lab.  Superhero project.

New Organ Project is due February 26, 2018.  Click here for information:  2018 New organ docx

Monday- Out due to MLK Observance Day.

Tuesday- Lab on our senses and worksheet for homework.    

Wednesday- Check worksheet, do book questions and small review game.

Thursday- Quiz on Nervous System.  Do AMSTI Digestive Pathway activity following quiz.

Friday- Computer Lab A -119 to do Blendspace Lesson on Digestive System