8th Grade Physical Science Week of November 13-17, 2017

200 Point Balloon Car Project is due in 3 weeks! Click here for information:  Balloon Car Project

Vocabulary terms due Tuesday.  Click here for list and also on Google Classroom:  Vocabulary terms Page 366

Monday 11/13-  We will cover gravity and weight today.  Meet in lab 109.  Lab Stations and then notes and problems. Powerpoint to use:  Mass Weight and Gravity PowerPoint slides

Tuesday 11/14- We will be in the lab again today and cover Weight

Wednesday 11/5- Friction  Lab today! Meet in lab 109 ( Air resistance with Helicopter Lab)

Thursday 11/16- Quiz on Gravity and Friction.

 Friday 11/17- Virtual lab about pendulums


7th Grade Life Science Week of November 13-17, 2017

Genetic Disorder Presentations are quickly approaching.  Presentations will begin December 4!  Students have this coming Friday, 11/17, as the last day to work on it during my class.  Click here for information:  Genetic Disorder Research and Presentation.docx

Monday 11/13- We will begin our Biotechnology Webquest.  Students have 2 days in class to complete  during class and it is due on Monday, 11/27.

Tuesday 11/14-  Work on Biotechnology Webquest

Wednesday 11/15- Start Genetics powerpoint and activities. Click here for copy of powerpoint.Test 5–Genetics Part 1 Notes

Thursday 11/16- Work on Punnett Squares and Mendelian Genetics

Friday 11/7- Work on completing either Biotechnology Webquest or Genetic Disorder Presentation

8th Grade Physical Science Week of 11/6-11/10, 2017

Balloon Car Project is 4 weeks away!  (200 pts)  Click here for information: Balloon Car Project

Click here for powerpoint:Magnetism_Part_1.ppt

Monday 11/6- Go over lab and work on packet from the book about magnetism.

Tuesday 11/7- Check packet for correctness and do powerpoint.  Do vectors for a grade.

Wednesday 11/8- Play review games (Jeopardy and password) ( Veteran’s Day Program at 8:30)

Thursday 11/9- Quiz on forces and magnetism ( Advisory Schedule)

Friday 11/10- Out for Veteran’s Day Observance!

7th Grade Life Science Week of 11/6-11/10, 2017

Genetic Disorder Presentation is quickly approaching; it is due December 4th.  November 17th is the last day to work on it during school!  Click here for information:  Genetic Disorder Research and Presentation.docx

Click here for powerpoint about DNA16-BioDNA,trans

Monday 11/6- DNA Transcription

Tuesday 11/7- DNA Translation

Wednesday 11/8- Mutations and practice replicating, transcribing and translating (Veteran’s Day Program at 8:30 a.m.)

Thursday 11/9- Dork DNA activity to be a quiz grade ( Activity Schedule today)

Friday 11/10- Out due to observance of Veteran’s Day!

8th Grade Week of 10/30-11/3, 2017

Balloon Car Project Assignment:  This is due December 4th.  200 points!  Click here for instructions:Balloon Car Project

Monday 10/30- Choice Day.  Vocabulary for Forces and Magnetism is due by the end of the period.  Magnetism Vocabulary

Tuesday 10/31- Leaning Tower of Pasta Challenge

Wednesday 11/1- Forces types and vectors, notes and practice

Thursday 11/2- Magnetism video and guided notes

Friday 11/3- Lab on Magnetism

7th Grade Week of 10/30-11/3, 2017

Monday 10/30- Choice Day.  Students will explore art, math, engineering and puzzles related to plants. Vocabulary due by the end of the period.  Click here for copy:  Vocabulary Terms for DNA

Tuesday 10/31- DNA Extraction.  We will extract DNA from Strawberries to learn about its location, structure and function.

Click here for a powerpoint about DNA:  16-BioDNA,trans

Wednesday 11/1- DNA Structure.  Build DNA Knex set models to understand its structure.  Worksheet for extended application.

Thursday 11/2- DNA Replication with Knex , take notes

Friday 11/3- Transcription with Knex, model and take notes



8th Grade Week of 10/23-10/27, 2017

We have a test on Waves Friday!  Click here for a copy of study guide:Waves Study Guide

Monday 10/23- Finish presentations about wave uses.  Give hard copy of study guide.  Eye picture due.

Tuesday 10/24- Open note quiz on uses of waves.  Finish light lesson on Blendspace.

Wednesday 10/25– Go over study guide.  Do practice problems, review game.

Thursday 10/26- Kahoot Review- ( I have chromebooks reserved)

Friday 10/27– Test on Waves

7th Grade Week of 10/23-10/27, 2017

Test on Reproduction is this Friday, 10/27!  Click here for copy of the study guide:  Study Guide for Reproduction Test

Monday 10/23- Lab on Seeds and Fruits.  A hard copy of the study guide will be given today!

Tuesday 10/24- Cover human fetal development and germination of seeds. Review worksheet for homework Click here for copies of sheets:  

Wednesday 10/25- Check worksheet and go over study guide.  Play game.

Thursday 10/26- Kahoot review.  ( I have chromebooks reserved)

Friday 10/27- Test on Reproduction



8th Grade Week of 10/16-10/20, 2017

Monday 10/16- Lab on Light and color  (Lab 109) ( Uses of waves presentation assigned today) Click here for instructions:  Uses of Waves Presentation

Tuesday 10/17- Computer lab 119.  Google Quiz on Waves and research wave topic.

Wednesday 10/18- Work on presentation/ Google Slides/Chromebooks

Thursday 10/19- Lecture on Light and EM Spectrum

Friday 10/20– Presentations about uses of waves

7th Grade Week of 10/16-10/20, 2017

Monday 10/16- Dissection of Flowers and Cone Lab

Tuesday 10/17- Google Quiz on Reproduction and work on Genetic Disorder Presentation (Computer lab A-119)

Wednesday 10/18- Review of all covered material, watch videos and do worksheets together.

Thursday 10/19- Hormones and Target Cells

Friday 10/20- Types of Fertilization