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Have a safe relaxing summer!!

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Monday- Tuesday: Organ System Defense Presentations
Wednesday-Thursday: Complete study guide
Friday: Check study guide

Monday: Dissect cow eye
Tuesday: Dissect fetal pig
Wednesday: Finish up dissections
Thursday: Exam
Friday: Make up exams

Monday: Awards Day
Tuesday: Osmosis Jones
Wednesday: Husky Day
Thursday: 60% Day- Last day for students
Friday: Teacher Work Day

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Monday-Friday: Organ System Defense Project

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Monday: ACT Aspire for Science
Tuesday: Review on Immunity
Wednesday: Test on Immunity
Thursday: The Senses
Friday: Earth Day QR activities

Monday: Alcohol and other Drugs
Tuesday: Finish Alcohol and other Drugs
Wednesday: Target Questions/Review
Thursday: Nervous System Article Summary
Friday: Test on Nervous System

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Monday: Preventing Infectious Diseases and Noninfectious Diseases
Tuesday: Summary on Allergies
Wednesday: Nervous System Vocabulary
Thursday: How Nervous System Works
Friday: Divisions of Nervous System

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Monday: Heart surgery video
Tuesday: Immunity vocabulary
Wednesday: Infectious Diseases
Thursday: Body’s Defenses
Friday: Preventing Infectious Diseases

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Spring Break- Have Fun and Be Safe!

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Monday: Circulatory System vocabulary pg. 558 All Sections 25 words
Tuesday: Pi Day
Wednesday: Body’s Transport System
Thursday: Blood and Lymph, Cardiovascular Health
Friday: Heart Diagram and Respiratory System Vocabulary pg. 586 Sections 1-2

Monday: Respiratory System
Tuesday: Smoking and Your Health
Wednesday: Summary on disease of Cardiovascular System
Thursday: Breathing and Pulse Rates Lab
Friday: Test on Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

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Monday: Complete study guide
Tuesday: Check study guide
Wednesday: Makeup presentations for Food Travels
Thursday: EXAM
Friday: Teacher Workday

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Monday: Finish Travels of a Food Through the Digestive System
Tuesday: Presentations
Wednesday: Glands at Work and Endocrine System
Thursday: Human Reproduction
Friday: Human Developmental Stages