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posted by afestino on Oct 31

Monday: Sec. 1-2 Mendel and Probability
Tuesday: Sec. 3 Meiosis HW: Finish your Ch. 4 definitions. Due tomorrow
Wednesday: Ch. 4 Vocab. due, Sec. 4 Protein Synthesis
Thursday: Review
Friday: Test on Ch. 4, Project Rubric
HW: ADV-Bring materials for project next week. REG- Bring poster next week

posted by afestino on Oct 31

Since our group is large, the best price deadline has been extended to Jan. 5.
Last of the invitational letters went out today. The criteria were the following:
1. Behavior must be exemplary
2. Truthworthy
3. Honest
4. Good citizen
5. Grades
If you meet the above criteria and did not receive an invitation but you will be able to go then see me and we will talk about it.

posted by afestino on Oct 26

Monday: DNA Blueprint of Life, HW: Finish DNA and RNA diagrams.
Tuesday: DNA questions, HW: Bring a small bottle of clear gatorade.
Wednesday: Extract DNA lab; HW: Study your cell cycle.
Thursday: Review, HW: Study
Friday: Test on Sec. 5 of Ch. 3 only. Define Ch. 4 Vocabulary
Ch. 3 Sec. 5 Test Review
Cell Cycle
1. Know the stages of the cell cycle beginning with Interphase in the correct order (diagrams).
2. What is mitosis? The stage during which the cell’s nucleus divides into 2 new nuclei.
3. What is the cell cycle? Regular cycle of growth and development that cells undergo.
4. What happens during cytokinesis in animal cells? 2 new daughter cells are formed.
5. During what stage does replication occur? Interphase
6. What is copied during replication? The cell’s DNA
7. What are chromatids? Identical strands of chromosomes.
8. What forms around the chromatids during mitosis? 2 new nuclei
9. Which stage follows mitosis? cytokinesis
DNA and RNA handout
10. What is the shape of the DNA molecule? spiral staircase or double helix
11. Adenine pairs with thymine.
12. What is each rung of the DNA ladder made of? pair of nitrogen bases
13. Which nitrogen base is in RNA but not DNA? Uracil
14. What is a group of 3 nitrogen bases? codon
15. What is DNA short for? Deoxyribonucleic Acid
16. Who established the structure of DNA? Watson and Crick
17. Who x-rayed DNA? Dr. Rosalind Franklin
18. What determines the genetic code? The order of the nitrogen bases along a gene.
19. What is the job of mRNA? To copy the coded message from DNA and carry it to the cytoplasm.
20. What are the 2 purines of DNA? Adenine and Guanine

posted by afestino on Oct 17

Monday: Finish Fermination, Diffusion Lab, HW: Bring textbook
Tuesday: Review for test, HW: Study and bring textbook
Wednesday: Test Ch. 3 Sec. 1-4 only, HW: Bring textbook and colored pencils
Thursday: Cell Division pgs. 98-99
HW: Bring colored pencils
Friday: Create a flip book of cell cycle. HW: Bring a small bottle of clear gatorade or powerade for DNA lab on Wednesday.

posted by afestino on Oct 11

Homework all week: Bring your science book Wednesday-Friday

Monday: Teacher work day
Tuesday: Microscope Lab
Wednesday:Sec. 1 74-78, Define Ch. 3 Vocabulary p. 104-Due Friday 25 pts
Thursday: Sec. 2 80-85 Contrast Foldable on Active and Passive Transport
Friday: Ch. 3 Vocabulary due, Sec. 3-4
86-94 Photosynthesis and Respiration Flowcharts

posted by afestino on Oct 5

Monday: Complete study guide
Tuesday: Check study guide
Wednesday: Make flash cards using study guide
Thursday: Review Jeopardy Game
Friday: EXAM and Flash cards due 40 points