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posted by afestino on Jan 30

Monday: Growth and Development pgs. 688-690, Timeline, Turn in for 10 pts. HW: Study Target questions 1-24.
Tuesday: Review Ch. 20; HW: Study Target questions 1-30.
Wednesday: Ch. 20 Test, Define Ch. 14 Voc. HW: Finish Voc.
Thursday: Skeletal System pgs. 475-481. Label your skeleton. HW: Finish Voc. and bring glue stick or tape to class.
Friday: Cut out your labeled skeleton and assemble it. Turn in for 40 pts. HW: NONE

posted by afestino on Jan 23

Monday: Animal project presentations
Tuesday: Animal project presentations
Wednesday: Ch. 20 Sec. 1 pgs. 667-671; Endocrine glands handout; Define Ch. 20 vocabulary. Due Friday. HW: Finish Vocab.
Thursday: Sec. 2 pgs. 675-681; Prenatal video; HW: Vocab.
Friday: Vocab. due; Sec. 3 pgs. 682-687; HW: NONE

posted by afestino on Jan 18

Monday: NO school
Tuesday: Animal notes; HW: NONE
Wednesday: Animal Behaviors; Animal project; HW:NONE
Thursday: Animal project; HW: Bring your flashdrive
Friday: Animal project; HW: Finish your project

posted by afestino on Jan 12

I have a practice test on Edmodo for those who want to self-test.

posted by afestino on Jan 3

These plans are for Advanced ONLY!!
If you are absent then you will need to research your portion at home.

Wednesday: Define Ch. 8 Vocabulary. Due next Tuesday.
Thursday: Computer lab-begin your plant research.
Friday: Create your presentation based on your rubric and research information.

Monday: Computer lab-continue adding your research to your presentation. HW: Finish your Ch. 8 Vocabulary.
Tuesday: Ch. 8 Vocabulary due. Add your diagrams and simulations to your presentations. Double check for spelling errors.HW: Bring in your flash drive.
Wednesday: Last day. You must save your final presentation on a flash drive.
Thursday: Groups 1-5 present
Friday: Groups 6-11 present

posted by afestino on Jan 3

Wednesday: Define Ch. 8 Plant Vocabulary HW: NONE
Thursday: Sec. 1 Plant Kingdom pgs. 250-255; Vocabulary Ch. 8 Due next Tuesday: HW: NONE
Friday: Sec. 2 Plants without Seeds pgs. 256-260; Partners write a 5 paragraph narrative of a day in the life of a plant. HW: NONE

Monday: Partners finish your stories, share, and turn in. Sec. 3 Characteristics of Seed Plants pgs. 262-266. HW: Finish your Vocab. Due tomorrow.
Tuesday: Ch. 8 Vocabulary due. Sec. 3 pgs. 266-271.HW: Study Highlighted Vocabulary words.
Wednesday: Computer Lab-Gymnosperms and Angiosperms.HW: Study Target Questions and highlighted Vocabulary words.
Thursday: Compare Monocots and Dicots, plants in everyday life; Tropisms pgs. 284-287. HW: Study Target Questions and Highlighted Vocabulary words.
Friday: Review; Ch. 8 TEST; HW: NONE