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posted by afestino on Apr 25

Monday: Sec. 1 pgs. 704-709; Define Ch. 21 vocabulary. HW: None
Tuesday: Sec. 2 pgs. 711-718; Finish vocabulary. HW: Finish vocabulary.
Wednesday: Vocabulary due; Capture/Recapture lab activity and turn in. HW: None
Thursday: Sec. 3 pgs. 723-729; Sec. 4 pgs. 730-733. HW: None
Friday: Summarize articles on Epilepsy and Perforated Eardrum. HW: None

posted by afestino on Apr 17

Monday: Smell, taste, touch pgs. 649-650; Alcohol and other drugs pgs. 651-657. HW: Study for test on eye and ear. You will label the parts and match the functions.
Tuesday: Test on ear and eye; Summarize Appendicitis article. HW: NONE
Wednesday: Computer Lab- Tech Steps on researching an endangered or threatened animal.HW: Finish research
Thursday: Computer Lab-Tech Steps on inputting research data in an excel worksheet.HW: NONE
Friday: No School-Weather Day.

posted by afestino on Apr 11

Monday: Nervous System Sec. 1-2 Ch. 19 pgs. 626-639; HW: Bring 4 function calculator for ARMT math and sharpened pencils.
Tuesday: Parts and Functions of Eye and Ear. HW: NONE
Wednesday: Draw and label parts of eye and ear on pgs 643 & 647; Write the function of each part. HW: NONE
Thursday: Practice labeling the eye and ear. HW:NONE
Friday: Alcohol and other Drugs Sec. 4 pgs. 651-657; HW:NONE

posted by afestino on Apr 3

Monday: Computer lab- Finish your essay and turn in as a word document on Edmodo. HW: Finish Ch. 19 vocabulary
Tuesday: Computer lab- Web Quest Assessment on the brain and nervous system. HW: Finish web quest and turn in tomorrow.
Wednesday: Ch. 19 vocabulary due, ASA prep. HW: NONE
Thursday: ASA prep, HW: NONE
Friday: ASA prep, summarize Alzheimer’s Disease article. HW: Bring #2 pencils for ARMT on Monday.