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posted by afestino on May 23

Have a Happy and Safe Summer!!!

posted by afestino on May 14

Monday: Prep for cow eye dissection, work on summaries.
Tuesday: Cow eye dissections, HW: Finish your summaries. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday: Summaries due, Review for exam. HW: STUDY
Thursday: Final Exam, Prep for fetal pig dissections. HW: NONE
Friday: Panther Fun Day.

Monday-Tuesday: Dissect fetal pigs
Wednesday: Last day of school, Watch Osmosis Jones.

posted by afestino on May 8

Monday: Ch. 6 Sec. 1-2 pgs. 172-187; HW: NONE
Tuesday: Final Exam study guide.HW: Finish study guide.
Wednesday: Check study guide. HW: Bring index cards.
Thursday: Create flash cards using the study guide. HW: STUDY
Friday: Summarize articles on Autism and TMJ. HW: Finish all summaries. They will be due next week.

posted by afestino on May 1

Monday: Study questions for Ch. 21, Due Wednesday.
Tuesday: Speaker; HW: Finish study questions Ch. 21. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday: Ch. 21 study questions due today. We will check these in class. HW: Study for test.
Thursday: Review Ch. 21; HW: Study for test.
Friday: Test on Ch. 21