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posted by afestino on Jan 29

Monday-Friday: Tech Steps in Computer Lab. Research one animal per group for a total of 5 animals. Follow the database analysis for Tech Steps.

posted by afestino on Jan 23

Monday- MLK holiday, no school
Tuesday: 3rd period will make up the test on plants , Define Ch. 13 vocabulary. HW: Finish Vocabulary.
Wednesday: Notes on Animals HW: Finish Vocabulary Due tomorrow
Thursday: Vocabulary due Ch. 13, Ch. 9-12 Flow chart. HW: NONE
Friday: Finish Ch. 9-12 Flow chart. Compare and Contrast Plants and Animals. HW: NONE

posted by afestino on Jan 15

Monday: Plants responses and growth Sec. 5 pgs. 284-287-Create a foldable. HW: Study for Friday’s Ch. 8 test.
Tuesday: Computer Lab-Photosynthesis Web Quest on Edmodo. HW: STUDY
Wednesday: Bill Nye-Plants, Share A day in the LIfe of a Plant stories. HW: STUDY!
Thursday: Review, HW: STUDY!!
Friday: Ch. 8 Test, HW: Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

posted by afestino on Jan 7

Monday: Adaptations of Plants Sec. 1 Ch. 8 pgs. 250-255. HW: Finish Ch. 8 vocabulary all 5 sections.
Tuesday: Vocabulary due, Plants without Seeds Sec. 2 pgs. 256-260, Partners write a rough draft 5 paragraph creative story on A day in the Life of a Plant. HW: NONE
Wednesday: Final copy of creative story, share, and turn in. HW: NONE
Thursday: Seed Plants Sec. 3 262-271; HW: NONE
Friday: Angiosperms/Gymnosperms Sec. 4 272-281, HW: NONE