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posted by afestino on Feb 25

Monday: Food and Energy Web pgs. 502-511, HW: Work on summaries.
Tuesday: Define Ch. 15 vocabulary all sections on pg. 528 and Ch. 17 sec. 3 only pg. 586, HW: Complete the 3 summaries on the articles. Keep a log of all the food and drink you put into your body for today, Bring to class tomorrow.
Wednesday: Summaries due, Food Guide Pyramid Activity with food journal. HW: NONE
Thursday: Digestive Process pgs. 516-521. HW: Finish the 40 vocabulary words.
Friday: Vocabulary due, Final digestion and absorption pgs. 524-527. HW: NONE

posted by afestino on Feb 19

Monday: Muscular System, Skeletons due. HW: Study
Tuesday: Skin, HW: Study
Wednesday: Skin, Review, HW: Study
Thursday: Summarize articles on Bones, Muscles, and Skin. HW: Study
Friday: Test on Bones, Muscles, and Skin; Finish summarizing articles.

posted by afestino on Feb 13

Monday: Animal Project Presentations, HW: Finish C.h. 14 vocabulary
Tuesday: Ch. 14 Vocabulary due; Sec. 1-Body Organization and Homeostasis notes, Begin Skeletal System. HW: NONE
Wednesday: Skeletal System- Joints and parts of the bone, HW: NONE
Thursday: Finish Skeletal System, Label skeleton. HW: Bring scissors and glue stick.
Friday: Finish labeling skeleton and assemble. HW: Finish assembling skeleton and turn in Monday.

posted by afestino on Feb 5

Monday-Wednesday: Computer Lab: Animal Project power point
Thursday: Presentations
Friday: Bone, Muscles, and Skin vocabulary Ch. 14. Graphic organizer on Section 1.