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posted by afestino on Aug 27

Monday: Science skills foldable p. 7-11; Define Ch. 1 Vocabulary pg. 28 all sections. Due Wednesday.
Tuesday: Scientific Inquiry flow chart;finish Ch. 1 Vocabulary. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday: Ch. 1 Vocabulary due; Scientific Inquiry Lab. HW: Study for test on Friday.
Thursday: Review and finish Skittles lab and turn in. HW: Study
Friday: Test on Ch. 1, Define Ch. 2 Vocabulary Sec. 1-2 pg. 68.

posted by afestino on Aug 14

Welcome Back!! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer. I’m looking forward to an amazing school year.

Monday: We will go over classroom procedures, rules, expectations, your interests, your goal for the first 9 weeks and how to meet that goal. HW: Bring your composition notebooks tomorrow and get your classroom rules signed. You will need that composition notebook everyday.

Tuesday: Signed rules are due. We will go over acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and how these behaviors impact the learning environment. We will review everything from yesterday. HW: Study your classroom rules and expectations for a test.

Wednesday: Test on the rules. Lab safety time! HW: Get your lab safety contract signed. Due Friday.

Thursday: We will finish the lab safety briefing. Bikini Bottom lab safety activity with a partner. Comic Strip activity. HW: Study lab safety for a test. Get lab safety contract signed. Bring your colored pencils to class tomorrow.

Friday: Lab Safety contracts due. Lab safety test. Finish your comic strip activity and turn it in. HW: Have a great weekend!!