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posted by afestino on Dec 5

Dec. 2-6
Monday: Finish Sec. 3 of Ch. 5 Inheritance. Present Genetic Disorders.
Tuesday: Ch. 7 Vocabulary pg. 244 in addition to Active virus pg. 212, Hidden virius pg. 213 and retrovirus-look up in a dictionary or online.
Wednesday: Viruses
Thursday: Bacteria HW: Finish Ch. 5 and 7 vocabulary. Due Friday.
Friday: Protists, Ch. 5 and 7 vocabulary are due.

Dec. 9-13
Monday: Fungi
Tuesday: Highlight what’s on test. Brain storm story on Virus invasion or Zombie Apocolypse. HW: Study for test.
Wednesday: Finish story.HW: Study for test.
Thursday: Review for test. HW: Study for test.
Friday; Test and complete study guide. HW: Finish study guide.

Dec. 16-20
Monday: Check study guide. HW: Study for exam.
Tuesday: Review for exam.
Wednesday: Exam
Thursday: Share stories
Friday: 60% day- share stories.