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posted by afestino on Jan 27

Monday: Media Center- Tech Steps Database sheet on 5 animals.
Tuesday: Media Center- Finish database and turn in.
Wednesday-Friday: Computer Lab- Animal project
*Animal Project will be turned in on Edmodo.

posted by afestino on Jan 9

Monday: Mcroscope Lab
Tuesday: Ch. 8 Vocabulary on Plants
Wednesday: Sec. 1 Adaptations for Living on Land pgs. 250-255
Thursday: Vocabulary is due. Sec. 2 Vascular and Nonvascular plants pgs. 256-260
Friday: Sec. 3 Seed Plants pgs. 262-271

Monday: Sec. 4 Gymnosperms and Angiosperms pgs. 272-281
Tuesday: Sec. 5 Tropisms and labeling the parts of a plant.
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Test oractice
Friday: Test on Plants and labeling the parts.