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posted by afestino on Mar 31

Monday: Define Ch. 16- Circulatory System vocabulary. Due Wednesday.
Tuesday: Circulatory system HW:Bring colored pencils or markers and scissors tomorrow.
Wednesday: Vocabulary due; Label the heart, show 2 loops using arrows, and color based on gas exchange.
Thursday: Blood and Lymph
Friday: Cardiovasculary Health

posted by afestino on Mar 19

Monday: Finish Digestive system, Start Excretory. HW: Study for test.
Tuesday: Finish Excretory HW: Study
Wednesday: Review and create flashcards or quiz on quizlet. HW: Study
Thursday: Test on Digestive and Excretory, HW: NONE
Friday: Comic strips on Digestive or Excretory, HW: Have a safe, fun, relaxing Spring Break!! 🙂

posted by afestino on Mar 5

Monday: Check study guide. HW:Study for exam.
Tuesday: Review and make flashcards. HW: Study
Wednesday: Exam
Thursday: Muscular System; HW: NONE
Friday: Skin; HW: NONE