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posted by afestino on May 21

Have a safe summer!!

posted by afestino on May 14

Monday: Dissect Cow eye
Tuesday: ACL injuries turn in
Wednesday: Dissect pig
Thursday: Organ Idol
Friday: Concussions and Language of Science Turn both in

posted by afestino on May 8

Monday: ASA review; HW: Study guide for exam
Tuesday: ASA review; HW: Finish study guide for exam
Wednesday: Check study guide; HW: Study
Thursday: Review and make flashcards; HW: Study
Friday: Exam and turn in textbooks

posted by afestino on May 1

Monday: Make up tests; Ch. 20 vocabulary.
Tuesday: Endocrine System Sec. 1; Sexual Reproduction Sec. 2 HW: Study for test
Wednesday: Human Development; HW: Study for test
Thursday: Finish Human Developmemt; HW: Study for test
Friday: Test on Ch. 20, Complete study guide.