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posted by afestino on Aug 26

Monday: Characteristics of Living Things Web, GIST activity Life comes from Life. HW: Finish Ch. 2 vocabulary.
Tuesday: Ch. 2 Voc. due; Needs of Living Things foldable; Classification web. HW: NONE
Wednesday: Minion Classification Activity; Cell Theory. HW: Join Edmodo
Thursday: Battle of the Bands Cell Theory Groups- Write Lyrics following the rubric.
Friday: Battle of the Bands Cell Theory-Finish your lyrics and be ready to perform on Tuesday. HW: Communicate with your group.

posted by afestino on Aug 19

Monday: Check Language of Science and turn in My Scientists Activity. Define Ch. 1 Vocabulary. HW: Finish Vocabulary
Tuesday: Science Skills Foldable and Scientific Inquiry Flow chart. HW: Finish Voc.
Wednesday: Voc. due; highlight what to study in notebook. Skittles Scientific Inquiry Pre-lab. HW: Study
Thursday: Review for test; Skittles Lab HW: Study
Friday: Test on Ch. 1; Finish Skittles lab display HW: Have a great weekend

posted by afestino on Aug 12

Monday: Sponge Bob lab safety; comic strip with a partner illustrating a lab rule. HW: Study Procedures, get procedures and lab contract signed, and bring colored pencils tomorrow.
Tuesday: Review Procedures; finish comic strip. HW: Study procedures
Wednesday: Test on procedures; present comic strip. HW: Study lab safety
Thursday: Review lab safety guidelines; My scientist activity. HW: Study lab safety guidelines and bring colored pencils tomorrow.
Friday: Test on lab safety guidelines; finish My scientist activity and turn in. HW: Have a great weekend!