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posted by afestino on Sep 25

Monday: DNA Blueprint of Life questions. HW: Bring color pencils
Tuesday: DNA, RNA, and nucleotides diagrams. HW: Finish questions and diagrams. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday: Check questions and diagrams. Highlight test items. HW: Study
Thursday: Review and make flashcards. HW: Study
Friday: Test on Cell division, DNA, and RNA. Complete study guide and finish for homework.

posted by afestino on Sep 23

Monday: Lab: Diffusion in Action; HW: Study
Tuesday: Review and create flashcards; HW: Study
Wednesday: Ch. 3 Test Sec. 1-4
Thursday: Cell Cycle, DNA, and RNA; HW: Bring markers/color pencils tomorrow.
Friday: Draw, label, color, and write what is happening in cell cycle.

posted by afestino on Sep 15

Monday: Review Cells; HW: Study
Tuesday: Test on Cells, Define Ch. 3 Voc. HW: Finish Voc. Due Friday.
Wednesday: Cell Processes
Thursday: Diffusion in Action Lab
Friday: Vocab. due, Active and Passive Transport

posted by afestino on Sep 8

Monday: Review for test; HW: Study
Tuesday: Test Ch. 2 Sec. 1-2
Wednesday: Organelles of Plant and Animal Cells; HW: Bring markers Thursday.
Thursday: Cell Analogy Project in small groups
Friday: Finish Cell Analogy Project and Present

posted by afestino on Sep 2

Monday: Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday: In class performances of Cell Theory
Wednesday: In class winners compete against Minton or Stanfield in cafeteria.
Thursday: Domains of Life Notes
Friday: Finish Domains of Life notes; Classify Great Apes activity.
Cell Theory Finals in cafeteria!! Go Festino for 4 year WIN!!