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posted by afestino on Jan 21

Monday: MLK Day- no school
Tuesday: Define Chapters 9-10 vocabulary, due Thursday
Wednesday: Graphic Organizer on Chapters 9-10.
Thursday: Vocabulary due, Define Chapters 11-12 vocabulary, due Monday.
Friday: Graphic Organizer on Chapters 11-12

Monday: Vocabulary due, Animal research project
Tuesday: Create presentation based on research of animal
Wednesday: Last day to create presentation
Thursday: Presentations to class
Friday: Finish presentations to class

posted by afestino on Jan 12

Monday: Finish Gymnosperms, Tropisms
Tuesday: Review
Wednesday: Day in the Life of a Plant story; HW: Study
Thursday: Finish story; HW: Study
Friday: Test; Turn in story

posted by afestino on Jan 5

Monday: Define Ch. 8 Voc. Due Thursday
Tuesday: 8-1; Define Ch. 8 Voc.
Wednesday: 8-2; Finish Ch. 8 Voc.
Thursday: Voc. Due; 8-3
Friday: Finish 8-3