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posted by afestino on Feb 26

Monday: Skin
Tuesday: Finish Skin and review
Wednesday: Snow day
Thursday: Review
Friday: Test and complete study guide

Monday: Check study guide
Tuesday: Review and make flashcards
Wednesday: EXAM
Thursday: Camp Fire USA
Friday: Define Ch. 15-Digestive System vocabulary

All makeup work is due before Friday, Mar. 6 since this ends the 9 weeks.

posted by afestino on Feb 18

Monday: No school
Tuesday: Skeletal System
Wednesday: Label bones of skeleton
Thursday: Ch. 14 vocabulary due, Assemble skeleton and turn in
Friday: Muscles

posted by afestino on Feb 9

Monday: Hare and Lynx Populations
Tuesday: Finish Hare and Lynx Populations
Wednesday: Study Questions
Thursday: Review
Friday: Test