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posted by afestino on Mar 24

Monday: Endocrine System; HW: Finish vocabulary
Tuesday: Vocab due, Male and Female Reproductive Systems; HW: Study
Wednesday: Human Development; HW: Study
Thursday: Review; HW: Study
Friday: Test

Have a wonderful, safe Spring Break!!!

posted by afestino on Mar 16

Monday: Evaluate menus; Digestive system
Tuesday: Finish Digestive System
Wednesday: Excretory System
Thursday: Review
Friday: Test on Digestive and Excretory System; Define Ch. 20 Voc.

posted by afestino on Mar 11

Monday: No school
Tuesday: Speaker with Campfire USA
Wednesday: Food and Energy; HW: Finish voc.
Thursday: Voc. due; Food Labels and cafeteria menu proposals.
Friday: Finish cafeteria menu proposals and share with class.