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posted by afestino on Aug 31

Monday: Needs of Living Things Foldable; Classification Web
Tuesday: Finish Classification Web, Minion Activity.
Wednesday: Domains of Life, Highlight test items; HW: Study for test
Thursday: Classify Great Apes, Review; HW: Study for test
Friday: Test on Ch.2 Sec. 1-2; Define Sec. 4 vocabulary- Organelles of Cells.

posted by afestino on Aug 26

Monday: Review for test; Experimental Design activity HW: Study
Tuesday: Review; graphs; Experimental Design activity part 2: HW: Study
Wednesday: Test on Ch. 1; Define Ch. 2 Voc. Sec. 1-3 only. Due Friday
Thursday: 2-1: Characteristics of Living Things Web; GIST activity on Spontaneous Generation. HW: Finish Ch. 2 voc.
Friday: Ch. 2 Voc. due; Needs of Living Things foldable; Creature Feature activity.

posted by afestino on Aug 14

Aug. 12-14
Wednesday: Create goal for 9 weeks and a plan of action for achieving goal. Discuss syllabus, expectations, grading, and consequences. HW: Get form signed.
Thursday: Review syllabus, expectations, and consequences. Take pretest on Science skills. HW: Study for quiz.
Friday: Form is due; Quiz on expectations and consequences. Discuss lab safety and contract. HW: Get contract signed.

Aug. 17-21
Monday: Review lab safety, Bikini Bottom Safety Scenario, Create a comic/non-comic strip with a partner. HW: Get contract signed.
Tuesday: Contract due; Review for quiz, Finish lab safety strip with partner and turn in. HW: Study for lab safety quiz.
Wednesday: Lab safety quiz, Define Ch. 1 Vocabulary
Thursday: Ch. 1 Science skills foldable and Scientific Inquiry Flow chart. HW: Finish Ch. 1 vocabulary- due tomorrow.
Friday: Ch. 1 vocabulary due, Highlight test items in notebook- test Wednesday, Skittle Pre-lab. HW: NONE