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posted by afestino on Oct 29

Monday: Punnett Square practice, Mendel’s Laws
Tuesday: DNA Connection and Protein Synthesis
Wednesday: Punnett Square practice- last chance; genetic questions
Thursday: Review
Friday: Test on Genetics; Ch. 5 Vocabulary

Monday: Genetic Project Design your parents. Must be same species!!
Tuesday: Flip a coin to determine your offsprings’ traits and allele combinations.
Wednesday: Create parents and offspring, complete Punnett squares, and place on display board
Thursday-Friday: Presentations

posted by afestino on Oct 19

Monday: Probability 4-2; Review
Tuesday: Test on Cell Division, DNA, and RNA; finish Ch. 4 voc.
Wednesday: Ch.4 voc due; Genetics Activity
Thursday: Cell and Inheritance 4-3
Friday: DNA connection and Mutations 4-4

posted by afestino on Oct 7

Monday: No school
Tuesday: Complete DNA questions
Wednesday: Complete DNA and RNA diagrams. Turn in questions and diagrams.
Thursday: Check DNA questions, DNA and RNA diagrams. Highlight what is on test. Web on Mendel’s Work 4-1.
Friday: Finish 4-1; Genetics activity.