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posted by afestino on Apr 26

Monday: Animal Behaviors
Tuesday: Ecology Vocabulary due; Ecology
Wednesday: Hare and Lynx Activity Part I
Thursday: Hare and Lynx Activity Part II
Friday: Graph and Analysis due for Hare and Lynx Activity

posted by afestino on Apr 8

Monday: Finish plant outline notes
Tuesday: Complete Graphic organizer on Animals
Wednesday: Check plant outline.
Thursday: Finish checking plant outline.
Friday: Check Animal Graphic Organizer and turn in story.

Monday: Finish checking Animal Graphic Organizer
Tuesday: Compare and Contrast Plants and Animals
Wednesday: Test on Plants and Animals
Thursday: Define Ch. 13 vocabulary
Friday: Earth Day activity

posted by afestino on Apr 4

Monday: Presentations of Organ System Defense Project
Tuesday-Wednesday: ASPIRE TESTING
Thursday: Finish Presentations
Friday: Outline on Plants