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posted by afestino on May 16

Monday: Presentations on Critter project
Tuesday: Complete study guide
Wednesday: Finish study guide
Thursday: Check study guide
Friday: Review

Monday: Exam for 2nd period and 3rd period only
Tuesday: Exam and Awards Day (Turn in Textbooks)
Wednesday: Husky Day
Thursday: 60% Day for students
Friday: No school

posted by afestino on May 6

Monday: Dissect cow eye
Tuesday: Dissect fetal pig
Wednesday: Endangered Animal Group Project
Thursday: Complete Endangered Animal Group Project
Friday: Present projects

posted by afestino on May 4

Monday: Complete study questions for Ch. 21
Tuesday: Check study questions
Wednesday: Test on Ch. 21; define Ch. 23 vocabulary all sections in addition to Endangered Species Act pg. 800-Due Friday
Thursday: Ch. 23 Sec. 1-2
Friday: Turn in Ch. 23 vocabulary; Ch. 23 Sec 3-4