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posted by afestino on Aug 29

Monday: Skittle lab poster; HW: Study for test
Tuesday: Review; presentations; HW: Study for test
Wednesday: Finish presentations; microscope basics; HW: Study for test
Thursday: Test on Sci Inquiry
Friday: Microscope Lab stations

posted by afestino on Aug 23

Monday: Key terms activity
Tuesday: Technology activity; Scientific and Engineering Practices
Wednesday: Sci Inquiry flow chart
Thursday: Sci Theory vs Sci Law; Pep Rally
Friday: Lab

posted by afestino on Aug 15

Monday: Lab Safety and Procedures; HW: NONE
Tuesday: Comic or mini poster safety rule/procedure; HW: Get contract signed and STUDY
Wednesday: BYOD- Review for lab safety test; Turn in contract; HW: STUDY
Thursday: Lab Safety Test; present comic/mini poster
Friday: NASA Robo Arm-Scientific Inquiry/Engineering Activity