Homework October 5-9


6th and 8th Grade

  • Study for ELA Exam
  • Due Wednesday: ELA Study Guide for Exam

8th Grade Only

Our book orders have arrived!  We will begin reading And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie this Thursday.  If you did not order a copy, you need to have a copy of the text in class on Thursday.


Homework September 28-October 2

8th Grade:

  • Due Wednesday: Point of View Article Activity
  • Due Friday: Complete your How to Read Literature Like a Professor, For Kids Chapter Poster
  • Friday: Be prepared for a GRC Binder Check on Friday.  The Table of Contents is shared with you in Google Classroom so that you can prepare your GRC Binder.

6th Grade:

  • Due Thursday: Complete your Mark Twain Imitation Story and Freytag Pyramid Prewriting

Homework September 21-25

8th Grade

Due Tuesday: Trial Preparation Forms and Opening/Closing Statements.  The trial for Red Chief is Tuesday. Also, plan to dress as your character for the trial.  If you have “evidence” bring it in a Ziplock bag that is labeled.  Check Google Classroom for help on how to write opening and closing statements.  In addition, see the message below about the Book Fair (9/29).

6th Grade

No homework for Monday night.

Our classes will  be attending the OMMS Scholastic Book Fair in our school library on Tuesday, September 29.  Students may pay for their purchases with a check made out to OMMS or cash at the book fair.  Proceeds from the book fair help support our OMMS library.


Below are links to the online book fair, a digital flier, and the promotional video.  If students would like to make purchases, they should bring money on Tuesday, September 29.  Also, there will be a parent preview day on Friday, September 25.  Parents are welcome to come to the OMMS library on that day to shop at the book fair.

Furthermore, you may make online purchases for the OMMS book fair at this web address: http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/homepage.do?method=homepage&url=oakmountainmiddleschool&appesp=CPT/ib/20120101///txtl/FairFindertoHomepage

Book Fair Book Digital Flier: http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/cptoolkit/Fall15_Booklist/MS/index.html

Promotional Video: http://www.scholastic.com/bookfairs/fall-2015-middle-school-videos

Homework September 14-18

8th Grade Homework:

Grammar Workbook Pages 145-146 (due Monday, 9/14)

Grammar Workbook Pages 147-148 (due Wednesday, 9/16)

Character Creature and Synectics Packet (due Wednesday 9/16) Instructions are on classroom.google.com (students must log in using their login name and password) for students to view the directions.

Book Order Forms and Money (due Thursday, 9/17)

Work on preparing for your role for the “Ransom of Red Chief” Mock Trial (work due on Tuesday, 9/21) and the trial will be held during class on Tuesday, 9/21.  Dress up for your role!  Copies of the assignment pages can be found on this blog (on the menu listed as “Ransom of Red Chief”).  Your assigned roles will be posted through classroom.google.com on Friday, 9/18.

Homework August 24-28, 2015

Get you syllabus signed by parent/guardian and return it ASAP

Bring your Hunger Games book to class all week. (6th Grade = Wrinkle in Time)

Due Wednesday: 8th Grade: Complete Grammar Workbook Pages 49-52 if you did not finish during class today (6th Grade = pages 1-4 in your Grammar Workbooks)

Be ready for your summer reading comprehension test this Friday.



Classwork/Homework March 23-27


  • Book Fair
  • Take Vocabulary Test 171-190
  • Works Cited (turn in before class tomorrow)
  • Annotate Articles
  • Homework = prepare for Lit. Circle Meeting #2 (tomorrow)


  • Literature Circle Meeting #2
  • Thesis Statements


  • Body Paragraphs


  • Finish Body Paragraphs
  • Write Introductory Paragraph
  • Homework = prepare for Lit. Circle Meeting #3 (tomorrow)


  • Literature Circle Meeting #3

Classwork/Homework March 16-20


  • Take Vocabulary Test, Latin Roots 151-170
  • Select Research Topic and Partner for Debatable Topics Research and Debates


  • Begin Research


  • Continue Research


  • Continue Research


Literature Circle Meeting during class today

  • Complete Research and Print out all 5 article charts
  • Study Latin Roots 171-190 for test on Monday
  • Read for your next literature circle meeting (Tuesday)
  • Bring money for the Book Fair (we go on Monday)




Congratulations to the Chelsea Middle School Golf Team:

  • Zachary H.
  • Carson W.
  • Emma Z.
  • J. T. M.
  • Richie R.
  • Matthew W.

Please join our CHMS Golf “classroom” by going to google.classroom.com.  Login as a student, the login information is the same as your login information to get on to a school computer.  I will post the schedule and other information through google.classroom.com.

Please visit the team store and order your shirt by this Sunday, March 1. Order online by going to https://www.bsnteamsports.com/index.php then enter the access code: hornet8U7 for the boy’s shop and hornet8RY for the girl’s shop.   You are required to order the shirt, but the other items are optional.  The pullovers are the same as the high school ordered this year.  You will supply your own khaki pants for matches; however, if you plan to wear shorts later in the season, you must purchase the ones listed in our shop.

Currently scheduled practices:  Tuesday (March 3) and Thursday (March 5) at Eagle Point. Meet at the driving range by 4:00.  Practice will be over at 5:00.  Please make arrangements for transportation.  If it is raining, we will have to cancel these practices.

AWAY            Monday          March 9        Helena at Riverchase Golf Course

HOME            Thursday       March 12       Calera at Eagle Point

AWAY            Tuesday         March 17       Hueytown at their home course

HOME            Tuesday         March 24       Thompson at Eagle Point

(AWAY)          Monday          April 13          John Carroll at RTJ (Par 3 short course)

AWAY            Tuesday         April 14          Thompson at Montevallo Golf Course

AWAY            Thursday       April 16          Columbiana

Homework February 2-6


  • Complete the odds from the gerunds packet if you did not make 80% or above on the evens in the packet.
  • Complete the Rhetorical Analysis of an Ad.  Submit it to classroom.google.com before class on Tuesday.

Tuesday – Wednesday

  • Work on even number questions in participle packet (due Thursday).
  • Work on Realistic Fiction Documentary (due February 17)


  • Study for Participle Quiz (Friday)
  • Work on Realistic Fiction Documentary


  • Work on Realistic Fiction Documentary
  • Study for Verbals Test (Thursday, February 12)
    • Infinitives
    • Gerunds
    • Participles



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