Today students completed an anticipation guide before watching a video about Charles Darwin and natural selection.

REMINDER: Students who went on the band/choir trip to Orlando must make up the senses quiz by 3 pm on Tuesday.



Yesterday students took notes on the The Senses–ANSWERS. Students also labeled a diagram of the eye. If you were absent, you will have to get a copy of the diagram when you return to school.

Today students dissected the sheep eye. This activity does not have to be made up if you were absent.

HOMEWORK–If you were here for today’s dissection, complete the eye worksheet for homework.


Today students completed the Nervous System Test. If absent, see Ms. Childress to make-up the test no later than next Friday, April 24th.

Reminder: Bonus Projects are due TODAY by 5:00 PM

***Email to M2Childress@shelbyed.k12.al.us
***Share your project through Google Docs with Mrs. Grimes!

HOMEWORK: None — Have a great weekend!


Today students played the Nervous System Jeopardy game to prepare for tomorrow’s Test. The Nervous System Study Guide (linked to yesterday’s blog post) will be taken up at the beginning of class tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: STUDY GUIDE and study for the Test! — all notes, diagram answers, etc. are linked to this week’s and last week’s blog posts.


Reminder: Optional BONUS Project is due tomorrow by 5:00 pm!


Today students graded their Nervous System Word Search (see me to make-up) and participated in a review/study activity in class. Students also received the Nervous System Study Guide, which is due on Friday before the test — On your own sheet of paper, short answer is alright.

HOMEWORK: Nervous System Study Guide — Study for Friday’s Test

Optional BONUS Project is due THIS FRIDAY!
***All the information for this is linked on last Friday’s (4/10/15) blog post!


Today students took the Brain ID Test in class (if absent, you WILL NOT make up this Test — it will be excused). Students also worked on their Nervous System Word Search (on the back of the Brain Diagram worksheet), which will be due and graded in class tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: Word Search


Optional BONUS Project — Due Friday, 4/17 (All info is linked to 4/10/15 blog post)


Today students completed The Brain Parts Definitions — (ANSWERS), a Brain Dissection, and a brain diagram worksheet. Be sure to look over the following PowerPoint to prepare for your Brain ID Test, which is tomorrow in class!

Brain ID Test — Practice PowerPoint

HOMEWORK: Study for Brain ID Test

Brain Diagram ANSWERS:

Top Diagram:
(1) cerebrum
(2) cerebellum
(3) medulla
(4) pons
(5) brain stem
(6) pia mater
(7) arachnoid layer
(8) dura mater
(9) corpus callosum

Bottom Diagram:
(1) olfactory bulb
(2) pituitary gland
(3) pons
(4) medulla
(5) brain stem
(6) optic nerve


Today students completed the Nervous System Quiz (if absent, see Ms. Childress to make the quiz up no later than next Friday—4/17) and watched several video clips on Optical Illusions.

Here are the links to my PowerPoint and the video clips:
“Moving Illusions”
“Amazing Optical Illusions – Top 10″
“Can You Trust Your Eyes?”
“Can You Trust Your Ears?”

ALSO, here is all the information for the
Optional BONUS Project! = Up to 10 BONUS POINTS!
— Due: Next Friday, April 17th (by 5:00 PM)