3/25/15 – 3/27/15

Wednesday – Friday this week we will be watching the movie “Fly Away Home” during class.


Reminder: Students who need to  make-up the Reproductive System Test are reminded that Friday, March 27th is the last day to do so!



Today students completed the Reproductive System Test. If you were absent today please make arrangements to make-up the test in the morning before school or during Advisory Period by Tuesday, April 7th — that will be the last day to make it up!



Today students graded their Reproductive System Worksheet and played the reproductive system jeopardy game as a review for the test tomorrow. The Study Guide is due tomorrow before the test, so make sure it is completed!

HOMEWORK: STUDY! — Study Guide is due tomorrow!

Use the following to prepare for the Reproductive System Test:
The Reproductive System: Male and Female – ANSWERS
Stages of Development – ANSWERS
reproductive system jeopardy


Today students graded the foldable from yesterday, began/completed the Reproductive System Worksheet, and received the Reproductive System Study Guide. The worksheet is for homework if not finished in class and will be due and graded in class on Monday. The Study Guide will be due on Tuesday before the Test.

HOMEWORK: Finish the Worksheet (due Monday), the Study Guide (due Tuesday), and study for the Reproductive System Test


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today students turned in their Word Scramble (from yesterday) and completed a “Think, Pair, Share” Review Activity in class over the Female Reproductive System Diagram. Then, students watched the Fetal Development PowerPoint Presentation. We will take notes on the Stages of Development tomorrow in class.

HOMEWORK: None — However, you should already be studying for the Reproductive System Test which is next Tuesday (March 24th)


Today students did a “Think, Pair, Share” activity to act as a review over the Male Reproductive System Diagram and functions. Then, they completed the Female Reproductive System Notes (check here to print those notes out: The Female Reproductive System ANSWERS). The Word Scramble Worksheet is due tomorrow at the beginning of class—homework tonight, if not completed in class.

HOMEWORK: Word Scramble Worksheet


Today students graded the “Endocrine System Questions and Magic Square Worksheet” and completed the Endocrine Overview during class. Then we went over the answers to the Overview. The Meet the Glands Activity (linked to the last blog post) was due at the end of class for a grade. The Endocrine System Test is TOMORROW.

Here is the Answer Key to the Overview Worksheet (I recommend using this as a study guide): Endocrine System Overview Answers

HOMEWORK: Study for the Endocrine System Test — use all notes, worksheets, charts and diagrams to prepare

Use the following materials to prepare for the Endocrine System Test:
Endocrine System Overview Answers
endocrine system jeopardy
Endocrine Glands Chart–answers