Today students completed the Alien Taxonomy worksheet. If you were absent, please see me when you return to learn how to complete the Alien Taxonomy assignment.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying classification notes. We will test on this material FRIDAY.


Today students learned how to make their own study quizzes using www.quizlet.com. Students then were given the remainder of the period, to play various review games on Quizlet.

HOMEWORK–Continue to study all notes and diagrams for Monday’s test. Don’t forget the study guide is also due Monday. Here are the answers to the study guide in case you need help: Chapter 7 Test Study GuideANSWERS 14-15

REMINDER: Here is the discussion question that will be on your test Monday:

Would you rather have a common bacterial infection or a common viral infection? Explain your choice. In your explanation, be sure to include the structure of a bacterium (2 pts.), the structure of a virus (2 pts.), the medical treatment for both (2 pts. each), and how the treatment works for both (2 pts. each). The discussion question is worth 12 points on Monday’s test.

***You can look back to yesterday’s blog post to see a copy of all notes and jeopardy.


Today and the rest of this week is dedicated to studying and preparing for the upcoming test scheduled for Monday, September 8th. Today students began working on the Chapter 7 Test Study Guide 14-15. This is JUST A GUIDE! It is not the test. There will be material on the test that is not on the study guide. Additionally, questions on the test may be worded differently than they are on the study guide. Students are responsible for studying ALL class notes and diagrams. Here are links to the class notes for this unit:


Characteristics and Needs of Living Things


Protists notes


Living Things and Viruses Jeopardy

REMINDER: Detentions will be written for students who fail to return the Parent/Student Acknowledgement form regarding OMMS policies and procedures. The forms were due today.


Today students took notes on Fungi . Students also completed the Bacteria, Protists, Fungi, Viruses Chart to help review for our upcoming test. The Living Things and Viruses test is scheduled for Monday, September 8th.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying all class notes to help prepare for next Monday’s test.

You might want to go ahead and start playing Living Things and Viruses Jeopardy to help prepare for the test.

REMINDER: Parent/Student acknowledgement forms regarding school policies and procedures are due back to 4th period teachers TOMORROW. Discipline notices may be issued to students who have not returned these forms.


Today students took notes on Bacteria.

HOMEWORK–Continue to study Characteristics of Living Things notes, Virus notes, and Bacteria notes. I have decided to move our next major test on Viruses and Living Things to Monday, September 8th. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE TO START STUDYING! This unit covers far too much material to wait.


Today students worked with partners to thoroughly review the Characteristics of Living Things notes. Tomorrow we will begin discussing bacteria. Our next major test is scheduled for Friday, September 5th. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE TO START STUDYING. The test covers far too much material for that.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying class notes.


Today students finished watching the Ebola Virus video. The students read about active vs. hidden viruses in the textbook on pgs. 212-213. They completed the flow chart on the back of the virus note sheet from last week using pgs. 212-213. Students also labeled the active and hidden virus diagrams. If you were not here today, you need to get this diagram when you return.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying Characteristics of Life notes and Virus notes.