Today students began taking notes on chapter 19, sections 1-2 (The Nervous System). I will post these completed notes on the blog tomorrow.

HOMEWORK–Begin studying the nervous system notes. We will test on the nervous system next Tuesday, April 22nd.


Today students completed the Reproduction Review Questions. We will grade these in class tomorrow.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying all reproductive system notes and diagrams. We will test on this material Wednesday, April 9th. You will find links to notes and jeopardy on last Friday’s blog entry (04/04/14). I do not have a link to diagrams. You will have to get the diagrams from me during class.


Today students worked on the reproductive system reinforcement worksheet that we started yesterday in class. If you’ve been absent, you will need to get this worksheet when you return.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying The Reproductive System Male__Female (ANSWERS) and Stages of Development (ANSWERS).

Additionallly, you might want to use the following to help you prepare for Wednesday’s test:

Reproductive System Flashcards

reproductive system jeopardy


Today students took notes on the male reproductive system. I will post the male and female reproductive system notes on the blog tomorrow night. I do not want to post the notes until we have discussed both systems.

HOMEWORK–Begin studying the male reproductive system notes from today’s class.