Today students completed the Cell Processes Study Guide in class.

HOMEWORK–Study all notes on photosynthesis, respiration, and the cell cycle. Quiz is tomorrow. Here is a link to jeopardy that might help you prepare for tomorrow’s quiz: Cell Processes Jeopardy. There is also a quizlet call Cell Processes.

REMINDER: Tomorrow is our last day for Toys for Tots. We are about $4000 away from our school goal of $20,000. Let’s all do our part to meet that goal! Thanks to all of you who have already given so generously!!!!


Today students took notes on Cell Division Basics and the Cell Cycle in detail. Then students completed a worksheet for reinforcement. If you were absent, you can get the worksheet when you return.

HOMEWORK–STUDY photosynthesis/respiration notes and today’s cell cycle notes. Complete the worksheet we started in class today. We will grade that worksheet along with the photosynthesis/respiration foldable tomorrow.

REMINDER: There is a cell processes quiz on Friday. AND…we only have two days left to reach our $20,000 Toys for Tots goal. As of this afternoon, the school has raised just over $12,000. Let’s dig deep and try our best to meet our school goal. Thanks to all who have donated already!!!! Your contributions are sincerely appreciated!


Today students took notes on Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration notes. After the notes, students completed a worksheet to reinforce the concepts discussed in the notes. If you were absent, you can get the worksheet when you return. The students completed the following section assessment questions from the textbook: Pg. 90 #1C and #2C & Pg. 94 #1C, #1D, #2A, #2B, #2C. You should write the questions and answer them OR answer them in a complete sentence. It’s your choice. We will grade the section assessment questions and the worksheet tomorrow in class.

HOMEWORK–Complete the worksheet and section assessment questions we started in class. Study today’s class notes. We will test on Cell Processes this Friday.

REMINDER: We are still over $2300 away from our team Toys for Tots goal. We still need about $17 per student to reach our goal. Please look for ways to earn donations. The fundraiser ends Friday.


Today students watched a video to help review the parts of the cell and their functions.

HOMEWORK–STUDY!!!!!!!! The cell test is tomorrow. You should study the Discovering Cells guided reading, Looking Inside Cells notes, the plant/animal coloring sheet, and the parts of the microscope. Your study guide and foldable are both due tomorrow. Here are the study guide answers: Microscope and Cells Study guide ANSWERS.

You might also check out www.quizlet.com . Search omms678, then cell theory study guide.

Additionally, you might want to use one or both of these jeopardy games to help you prepare for tomorrow’s test:

Microscope and the Cell Jeopardy

Microscope and the Cell Jeopardy 2


Today students are working on the Microscope and Cells Study Guide . These questions are to be answered on your own notebook paper. Here is a link to the diagram you need for #2 on the study guide: Microscope and Cells Study Guide diagram. Be sure to record your answers on notebook paper in order to receive credit for the study guide!

HOMEWORK–Continue studying ALL cell and microscope notes for Friday’s test. Also, be sure to study the diagram of the plant and animal cell.

REMINDER: We will be collecting Toys for Tots money now through November 20th. Our school goal is once again $20,000. We know that by working together we can meet or beat our goal again this year. Here is a letter than can be used to help you when asking for donations: TFT Community Letter 2015.


Today students began working on Cell in the Headlines. This is a group activity that we will complete on Monday. If you were absent, we will find a group for you to join on Monday.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying Discovering Cells guided reading and Looking Inside Cells notes. You should also be studying the plant and animal cell coloring sheets. We will test on cells next Friday, November 13th.

REMINDER: Our annual Toys for Tots fundraiser begins Monday, November 9th and runs through Friday, November 20th. Our school goal is once again $20,000. We need all students to do your part in helping us to reach that goal. Here is a link to a principal signed letter that can be used to show friends, family, and neighbors that OMMS really is collecting money for Toys for Tots: TFT Community Letter 2015.


Today students completed the Cell Organelles Foldable. I am currently unable to upload the foldable instructions. However, here is a list of the terms (in order) for the foldable:

Cells: define prokaryote and eukaryote, nucleus, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles, chloroplasts, mitochondria, cell wall and cell membrane, Golgi body (on back). You need a definition and picture for each term.

If you were not here today, you can make up the foldable when you return because you do not have the complete set of instructions.

HOMEWORK–Complete foldable and study cell notes.


Today students took the microscope quiz. Then they worked on a plant cell and animal cell coloring sheet. If you were absent today, you can get the coloring sheet when you return, and you will need to let me know when you are going to make up the microscope quiz.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying cell notes and be sure to bring a magazine tomorrow.


Today students corrected answers to yesterday’s Discovering Cells guided reading. Then students completed the Looking Inside Cells note sheet. Then students completed Cell City Analogy with Bonus Opportunity. The bonus opportunity is due FRIDAY. Please see me in class to get the actual bonus sheet. Do not simply print it from home.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying parts of the microscope and their functions. There is a quiz tomorrow on the microscope.

REMINDER: All students need a magazine by Thursday. We will be cutting them up, so please make sure it is a magazine that you don’t need back.