Today students completed the 1st nine weeks benchmark review. You can find a link to a blank copy of the review on last night’s blog post. Here is a link to the answer key: 1st 9 weeks review 2015–answers.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying all notes for Thursday’s benchmark. Here is a link to a jeopardy game that might help you prepare for Thursday’s benchmark: 1st Nine Weeks Review Jeopardy 2015.

REMINDER: The bell ringer test is scheduled for Friday.


Today students began working on the 1st 9 weeks review . Students were only asked to complete half of these questions in class today. We will continue working on these in class tomorrow. The science benchmark is scheduled for Thursday, October 8th.

HOMEWORK–Begin studying and preparing for the benchmark.

REMINDER: The benchmark review is just to help guide your studying. It is not necessarily everything you need to know for the benchmark. Anything we have covered during the first grading period could be tested on the benchmark. Additionally, the bell ringer test is scheduled for Friday, October 9th. I do not put bell ringers on the blog. You are  welcome to check your bell ringer book with mine or with a friend. However, I will not make my book available after Wednesday. The expectation is that you are to keep up with your bell ringers daily throughout the grading period. If I post them on the blog, students are tempted not to do them until the night before the test. That defeats the purpose of having daily bell ringer activities.


Today students took the ecology test.


REMINDER: The science benchmark is scheduled for Thursday of next week. We will review in class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Additionally, the bell ringer test is scheduled for Friday of next week.


Today students graded Picture Dictionary and the Ecology Reading Guide from yesterday. Then students worked on the Ecology Foldable.

HOMEWORK–Study all ecology notes and vocabulary. You will have about 20 minutes to complete the foldable in class tomorrow. If you have more work left than can be done in 20 minutes, you should work on it at home some tonight.

REMINDER: Ecology test is Friday.


Today students completed the Classification Test. After the test, students were asked to define the following 12 terms as we prepare to begin our unit on ecology: organism, herbivore, carnivore, photosynthesis, limiting factor, carrying capacity, predator, prey, symbiosis, natural selection, scavenger, and nitrogen fixation.

HOMEWORK–Be sure you have defined all 12 words listed above. We will check them tomorrow.



Today students studied and played a review game to help prepare for tomorrow’s test. We played Classification Jeopardy.

HOMEWORK–Study all notes on classification in preparation for tomorrow’s test. Here’s a link to the review sheet you got in class: Classification Review ANSWERS. This review sheet is not everything you need to know for the test. It is simply another resource to help you prepare for tomorrow’s test.


Today students completed the Domain Eukarya Chart. Students also completed Who Am I? Finally, students were given time to begin working on Classification Review. This is not a study guide that covers the test in its entirety. It is simply a list of some of the terms or concepts that we discussed in this unit. Students should review notes and try to recall as much as they can about each concept.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying all class notes on classification. See last week’s blog posts to find links to class notes. Classification test is Wednesday, September 23rd.