Today students completed a digestive system summary and began working on a paragraph explaining the digestive process. The paragraph must be completed on the following form: Digestive System Discussion Question .

HOMEWORK–Complete your digestive system discussion question. We will peer edit them in class tomorrow. If you do not have yours completed tomorrow, you will not have the opportunity to have your paper peer edited. This discussion question is a large portion of this Friday’s Digestive System test.


Today students played skeletal system jeopardy┬áto help prepare for tomorrow’s test. Below is a link to study guide questions and answers for those who need something more to study. The study guide is NOT everything that is on the test. It’s just an extra resource to help guide your studying.

Study guide ANSWERS

Skeletal System

Skeleton for Labeling and Scrambled Bones


Levels of Organization and Types of Tissues

Muscle Diagrams

Skin Guided Reading

HOMEWORK–Be sure to study all class notes and diagrams for tomorrow’s test.