Today students took notes on the Path of Blood Chart–Answers. Here is a link to a blank copy of the chart in case you want to practice labeling the path of blood and the 2nd sheet attached (the paragraph) is tonight’s homework: Path of Blood chart and paragraph.

HOMEWORK–Complete the Path of Blood paragraph. You will find it in the link above. Also, be sure to study Tuesday’s notes (front and back). We will quiz on that material again tomorrow.


Today students completed the digestive system summary in class. Then they wrote the rough draft for their discussion question. If you were absent today, you will need to see me when you return to get caught up.

HOMEWORK–Complete discussion question rough draft and continue studying all notes and diagrams for Friday’s digestive system test.


Today students completed the digestive system webquest. This assignment does not have to be made up if you were absent today.

HOMEWORK–Make sure your digestive system paragraph, foldable, and diagrams are completed. This is the work you did on Thursday when I was not here. Also, continue studying the digestive system notes.