Today students complete Senses Tic-Tac-Know. If you were absent, you do not have to make up this assignment.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying all notes on the senses. There will be a diagram of the eye on tomorrow’s quiz, but there will not be a diagram of the ear. I will attach nervous system jeopardy. There are several questions on jeopardy regarding the ear, eye, and senses. You do not have to know the other material for tomorrow’s quiz.

nervous system jeopardy


Today students completed notes on The Senses–ANSWERS. Then students drew, labeled, and colored the diagram of the eye on page 643 in the textbook. They also drew, label, and colored the diagrams depicting nearsightedness and farsightedness on page 645 of the textbook.

HOMEWORK–Begin studying the notes on the senses. We will quiz on this material on Friday.


Today students completed the group brain drawing activity.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying Chapter 19 Sections 1 and 2 notes. We will test on this material on Friday. There is a nervous system quizlet to help you prepare for the test. I’m also attaching nervous system jeopardy. However, the jeopardy game includes questions about the eye, ear, and other senses. We will NOT be testing on that material on Friday.

nervous system jeopardy



Today 7th grade students completed the reading portion of the ACT Aspire test. In my science classes, students worked in groups on brain drawings. Yesterday students received a study guide to help them prepare for Friday’s Nervous System test.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying Ch. 19 Section 1 and 2 notes for Friday’s test.