I have not been at school this week due to an unforeseen family situation. There is no test tomorrow. I’m actually going to be back at school tomorrow, and we will try to get back on track before the Thanksgiving break. Your understanding is appreciated.

Have a great night!!!


Today students completed the Cell Theory, Microscope, and Cellular Organelles test.


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Today students completed the model magic cell activity. Then students began working on the study guide for Thursday’s test. If you we’re absent today, you will need to get the study guide when you return to school.

HOMEWORK–Study guide is due Thursday. The microscope, cell theory, cellular organelle test is Thursday.


Today students completed the plant and animal cell coloring sheet and the organelle foldable.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying microscope notes, discovering cells notes, and looking inside cells notes/diagrams. We will test on this material next Thursday, November 13th.


Today students completed the Cells in the Headlines activity that they started yesterday. Tomorrow we will take a short quiz on the organelles of a cell and the function of each. Students will also be given time to finish the cell foldable and coloring sheets from last week.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying all cell notes and diagrams. We will test on them microscope, cell theory, and cell structures next Thursday, November 13th.


Today students took notes called Looking Inside Cells . Then students completed Cell City Analogy . We will grade cell city analogy tomorrow.

HOMEWORK–Students need to study the parts of the microscope and their functions. We will quiz on this material tomorrow. Additionally, all students need a magazine tomorrow for the class activity. The magazine must be appropriate for school and it needs to be something that can be cut.


Today students completed the microscope lab.

HOMEWORK–All students need a magazine on Monday. Any magazine appropriate for school will be fine. We will be cutting the magazines, so please be sure to bring a magazine that does not need to be returned home. Students will receive a 10 point grade for having the magazine. They have know since Tuesday that we would be needing a magazine next week. Additionally, the MICROSCOPE QUIZ IS MONDAY. STUDY!!!!


Today students labeled the parts of the microscope and the function of each part. Then students completed Discovering Cells guided reading. We will have a microscope quiz on Friday, and we will grade the Discovering Cells guided reading tomorrow.

HOMEWORK–Complete the Discovering Cells guided reading and study the parts of the microscope. (I do not have either of these handouts to link here on the blog. If you were absent, be sure to get each of these handouts when you return to school.)

REMINDER: Each student needs a magazine for an upcoming class assignment. I will give a 10 point grade for having the magazine in class by Friday and/or Monday of next week. Students can use any magazine that is appropriate for school. Please note we will be cutting pictures out of the magazine, so please do not send a magazine you want to keep.