Today students took notes on Viruses. After notes, students completed a drawing of a virus particle from page 211 in the textbook. Then students drew and labeled the active virus life cycle from page 212 and the hidden virus life cycle from page 213.

HOMEWORK–Complete active/hidden life cycle drawings. Study virus notes.


Today students took notes on Characteristics and Needs of Living Things. Students were also given a “What is Life?” vocabulary worksheet to complete in class. I do not have this in the computer. If you were absent, you will need to get the handout from the “Tuesday” folder in the front of the classroom.

HOMEWORK– Complete vocabulary worksheet from class if you did not finish it. Study today’s notes.


Today students graded The Simpson’s Scientific Method worksheet from Friday. Then, as a class, we read Is Sammy Alive? and discussed the differences between science and technology.


REMINDER: Tonight is Open House for the parents of 7th and 8th grade students. Open House begins at 6 pm. Parents should report to their student’s 1st period class.


Today students received a Syllabus for science. They also received a yellow half-sheet that needs to be signed by a parent acknowledging that the syllabus was read: Parent Signature for Procedures. The yellow half sheet is due back by Friday, August 14th. It is a ten point grade. Additionally, students received a blue Science Donation Letter. Please take a few minutes to look over each of these items during the next few days.

It was a GREAT first day! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again tomorrow!