Today students took notes on Bacteria.

HOMEWORK–Continue to study Characteristics of Living Things notes, Virus notes, and Bacteria notes. I have decided to move our next major test on Viruses and Living Things to Monday, September 8th. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE TO START STUDYING! This unit covers far too much material to wait.


Today students worked with partners to thoroughly review the Characteristics of Living Things notes. Tomorrow we will begin discussing bacteria. Our next major test is scheduled for Friday, September 5th. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE TO START STUDYING. The test covers far too much material for that.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying class notes.


Today students finished watching the Ebola Virus video. The students read about active vs. hidden viruses in the textbook on pgs. 212-213. They completed the flow chart on the back of the virus note sheet from last week using pgs. 212-213. Students also labeled the active and hidden virus diagrams. If you were not here today, you need to get this diagram when you return.

HOMEWORK–Continue studying Characteristics of Life notes and Virus notes.



On Thursday, students completed the What is Science–Notes. Today students worked on a helicopter lab activity. If you were absent today, you do not have to make up the lab.

HOMEWORK–Complete the helicopter lab worksheet if you did not complete it in class. Continue studying prefixes and all of this week’s notes. We will quiz on all of this material on Tuesday, August 19th.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Today students received textbooks in science. If you were absent, please see me when you return to get your textbook. Students were also asked to complete the Textbook Review by tomorrow.

HOMEWORK–Complete Textbook Review that you started in class. Most students probably finished the textbook review during class. We will grade it tomorrow. Additionally, students should begin studying the prefixes we listed today in the composition book.