I have not been at school this week due to an unforeseen family situation. There is no test tomorrow. I’m actually going to be back at school tomorrow, and we will try to get back on track before the Thanksgiving break. Your understanding is appreciated.

Have a great night!!!


Today students completed the Cell Theory, Microscope, and Cellular Organelles test.


REMINDER: OMMS is collecting money for Toys for Tots through November 21st. Donations can be made by cash or check. Checks should be made payable to OMMS. Our school has been nationally recognized for our contributions to Toys for Tots. No other school in the nation has donated as much to this organization as OMMS. Please help us continue to make a positive impact in our school, our community, and our country by supporting Toys for Tots. Here is a link to a letter students can use to ask friends and neighbors to donate: TFT–Community Letter. Thanks in advance for your help in reaching our goal of $20,000.