Fairytales and Technology : )

Have I mentioned I LOVE implementing technology in the classroom?! As an extension to our fairytale unit I had my kiddos buddy write a new version of a known fairytale. They had to buddy type on Chromebooks by getting on Google Docs, sharing their document with their partner, and then typing simultaneously to publish their story. After they were satisfied with their finished product they had to email me their stories on Google! Here is just another example why collaboration is a beautiful thing! So proud of and impressed with my third graders! #thirdgradelove


Will the Beanstalk Reach the Castle?!

I love seeing my kiddos run into class with excitement and check their beanstalk plant growth every morning! We read different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk and compared and contrasted them! As an extension they planted their own beanstalks and predicted whether their beanstalk would reach their castle! Will their predictions be correct? #onlytimewilltell #thirdgradelove


“Can It!” Project

We read an article about “Don’t Litter” Programs. As an extension the students had to make up their own slogan and write  a letter in their reading journal to an important person governor, president, senator, etc explaining why their program should be adopted. The purpose of the “Can It” program is to ensure our school is as clean as possible. So, every Thursday our class has decided to clean up our school grounds during their recess time. Today when they walked in they were just as excited! Jonah made a t-shirt and flyer with his slogan. Both boys said isn’t it amazing how one idea can make a difference? I had to share and brag on them because I am so impressed with their huge hearts! Now my whole class is PUMPED about keeping CPES clean! #bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld #dontlitter

Can It Picture




Weather Instrument Fun!

During our weather unit we also studied the different kinds of tools meteorologists use to measure weather. As a wrap up the kiddos were split into groups and has to build their weather instruments from scratch. After they built their weather instruments they got to present to the class their beautiful creations! Their teamwork was incredible, and their creativity was unmatched! They did an amazing job!



Weather Maps

We have been studying weather! The kiddos have been so engaged in this unit. After studying about the different kinds of weather maps the kiddos got to create their own! First, we studied different weather maps on a weather website, then they filled out a t-chart with the different kinds of weather they wanted on their maps (they had to include the symbols),then they designed their maps. They did an incredible job, and they had a blast! In order to learn about other countries I let my friends from other countries design a weather map specific to their home country! They had a blast!


Peter Rabbit Painting

During our study about Beatrix Potter we learned that she is known for her water color. After reading the story the kiddos picked their favorite scene, painted the scene, then wrote what was happening in the scene. Then they presented their favorite scene to the class and had to tell us why it was their favorite scene. They had a blast!



Peter Rabbit Opinion Piece

We did an author study on Beatrix Potter. First, we read “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. During our reading the following question was posed: Do you think Peter will go back into Mr. McGregor’s garden? Great discussions occurred. We really focused on Mr. McGregor’s point of view and Peter’s point of view. The kiddos completed an opinion graphic organizer. First, they stated their opinion, presented their reasons, provided evidence for their reasons using the text, and then they wrote their conclusion. After they filled out the graphic organizer they wrote a rough draft and took their paper through the writing process. They did fantastic!

image image