Assembly Line Fun!

As an extension of our production and distribution unit we re-enacted the Model T Ford Assembly Line, and at the end, the students got to be paid for their jobs. At the end of the lesson, we looked at our final products of the cars and discussed how some cars would need to be priced lower if the windows were crooked, etc. We talked about quality being more important than quantity.


We had a great time learning about plants! The kiddos grew their own Wisconsin Fast Plants, measured them with centimeter cubes, and we did an experiment with celery! We had a blast learning about the parts of plants and their functions!

Landform Fun!

To introduce landforms I assigned different landforms to each group. They had to research the landforms their group was assigned. They had to draw their landforms, write about it, and next week they will present their landforms as a group! They did a great job and are learning how to work great in a group!

Snow Globe Fun!

Tis the season! We read a book called “The Snow Globe Family” and as a writing extension, my kiddos got to write a story from the perspective of living in a snow globe and make their own snow globes! They loved it and were wildly engaged!

Pioneer Fun!

My kiddos LOVED learning about Pioneers. After several days of reading about and discussing pioneers, my kiddos completed a Google Classroom assignment. They had to compare and contrast their lives to a pioneer’s life! Then they made a paper doll of themselves as a pioneer. They had a blast! At the end of the unit we had Pioneer Day! The kiddos dressed as pioneers and we played games and made crafts! They had a blast acting like Pioneer!


Immigration Unit!

We had a blast learning about immigration! We started the unit by reading the book “This is Me” by Jamie Lee Curtis. The students got to design their own suitcase and drew and cut out just what they would need for their journey! We learned about several different countries and why the immigrants had to leave their country. At the end of the unit, the kiddos wrote a letter from the perspective that they were an immigrant leaving their family, and they had to discuss their journey, where they left, and what it was like arriving at Ellis Island! They LOVED this unit!


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Well, it is almost that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, and the first day of school is just around the corner! For the past 4 years I have taught third grade, and it has been wonderful! I look forward to the new adventure in 2nd grade! My favorite part of teaching is fostering a love of learning in my students and forming a personal relationship with each student. I believe that developing a great relationship with both the parents and students is essential for a successful school year. That is why this app is so vital- it will ensure that we stay connected. Whether it be me reminding you of a class party , a field trip, or just sending you a fun picture- REMIND 101 is a  great app to maintain our communication!