Extra Extra, Read All About It!

Hi! This 9 weeks we have been working on informational writing. We have discussed that informational writing is all around. Informational writing can include recipes, magazines, newspapers, to-do lists, instructions, menus, newsletters, postcards, etc. The first piece of informational writing the students published is part of their Zoo Project. The students had to pick an animal they wanted to research. Then  I taught them how to take notes from researching. After they took notes I taught them how to form sentences out of the notes we took. Then the kiddos organized their information under headings. The only requirement to this project was that the kiddos put non-fiction text features in their writing such as photographs, captions, highlighted words, etc. The products are nothing short of amazing! Check out their work!


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Quadrilateral Quotes!

Greetings! We have been working on geometry this 9 weeks. Today we did a project that implemented writing and math. We just learned about characteristics of quadrilaterals. So, each kiddo got to pick their favorite quadrilateral and make a quadrilateral person out of their shape. Then, the kiddos had to fill in a thought bubble and practice using quotations. The quadrilateral person had to tell everyone it’s characteristics. Check out the pictures to see the awesome work done by your kiddos!





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