So, we built a village…and the kids LOVED it!

We have been learning about different types of genres: fairy tales, folktales, myths, fables etc. While learning about those genres we have been focusing on story elements and different characteristics of each genre. Yesterday we read a fabulous folktale called The Village of Square and Round houses by Ann Grifalconi. A little about the story:”THE VILLAGE OF ROUND AND SQUARE HOUSES is set in a village in Africa. The houses of this African village are of two shapes, square and round. The square houses shelter the men of the village. The round houses shelter the women and children. As the story unfolds, the routines of the villagers, including work, play, mealtime, and bedtime routines are explored. One night, a grandmother tells her grandchild the story of how the village came to be divided into round and square houses. As she tells it, a volcano in the distance erupted and left only two houses standing, one square and one round. The villagers took this as a sign of special significance. The village chief assigned the men to the square house and the women to the round house. The people of the village have been living this way, in peace and harmony, ever since.” After listening to the story we discussed different characteristics about African Culture and about folktales. We discussed juicy vocabulary and the different jobs the people in the village had. We also made sure to pay close attention to how the scenery looked and we discussed the differences with how Africa looks compared to where we live. The students then wrote a story using folktale elements. Their story focused on how the village came to be. Finally, the students had a chance to use their creativity by constructing their own village. They included square houses, round houses, different crops, bodies of water, and the volcano mentioned in the story. Your kids are AWESOME, CREATIVE, and WONDERFUL in every way! Enjoy!


village1 village2 village

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids : )

This year we are implementing the 7 habits in our school. Our class has discussed Habit 1: “Be Proactive” and Habit 2: “Begin With the End in Mind”. For habit 1 we discussed a lot about how we are responsible for ourselves and our work. How we are to make good choices even when no one is around.Be the change you wish to see! For habit 2 we talked a lot about goal setting. Begin with what you want to achieve then plan the steps about how to get there. We wrote a class mission statement, and then I had the kiddos write their own personal mission statement. All of their work was fabulous! Check out the activities below for habit 1 and habit 2! Enjoy!



IMG_0884 IMG_0882