posted by Amanda Hardenbergh on Oct 2

What a great year we are going to have! I so look forward to meeting your children and you. Here we go!

posted by Amanda Hardenbergh on Oct 2

We love this time of year! We will be studying pumpkins and the farm over the next 2 weeks, Oct. 6th – 17th. We will be tasting pumpkin products, studying the seasons, and learning about the farm. Miss Annie is coming Tuesday, Oct. 7th. This date changed due to trying to have her while we are studying the farm. We conclude next week with a great trip to Old Baker’s Farm. We are so excited!!

posted by Amanda Hardenbergh on Apr 15

We are getting close to the end of school and I can’t believe our K year is almost gone!! Please continue to read with your children and review sight words. As you read, talk with them about the main idea, characters in the story, and the beginning, middle, and end of the stories. This will increase their comprehension of the text. Rich text and vocabulary help build the love of reading and skills to promote success as they grow to continue to become incredible readers! It can only turn out excellence!

Dr. Brooks always says and I agree – “Readers are leaders, and leaders are readers!”

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