And To All A Good Night

The very best place to get in the Christmas spirit is in an elementary school.  Yes, it tends to get crazy, but all of the kids are so so so excited and there are parties and programs and pajama days and surprises.  It is so cheerful!

I’ve been reading Robert Sabuda’s pop up version of The Night Before Christmas to students this week. Each page is more breathtaking than the last and the looks on the kids faces is nothing short of magical.

I hope that you all find a little Christmas magic of you own!

High and Dry

Poor blog, I’ve pretty much left you high and dry (apologies to Radiohead) this semester.  Now that the school year is coming to a close, I’ve finally decided to write something

Gonna Be a Good Week!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.  However, the storm was pretty much over by the time that I had carpool duty and got to wear my new bright red rain boots, so I think it’s gonna be a good week!

If it is raining were you live, take a look at My Side of the Car by Kate Feiffer and illustrated by Jules Feiffer.  This father/daughter collaboration is based on a true story about a trip to the zoo that keeps going wrong.  After three failed attempts, a tenacious little girl refuses to admit that it is raining.  On her side of the car, the sun is shining and everyone in the world is going to the zoo.  But on her dad’s side there is a complete downpour.  Does Sadie ever get to the zoo? Yep!  Looks like it’s gonna be a good week!

Bad Timing

My kids have an innate sense of bad timing.  When they are supposed to be asleep, they are awake. In the morning when it is time to get ready for school, they want to sleep.  When they are supposed to be playing, they are hungry.  But when dinner is ready and on the table, they are ready to goof off and do anything but eat.  When it is time to settle down and be quiet, they are ready blast off.  I think they need to read The Quiet Book and it’s new follow up title The Loud Book, by Deborah Underwood.

The Quiet Book is just exactly what is says it is: a nice quiet list about all things calm and relaxing.  Among the many different kinds of quiet, for example, is “first one awake” quiet,  “swimming underwater” quiet, “trying not to hiccup” quiet, and “story time” quiet.  The book is illustrated in soothing, natural colors and just reading it feels like you’ve taken a good, deep breath.

The Loud Book, however, is a celebration of all that is big and boisterous.  In contrast, even the illustrations  are done in brighter colors!  The complete opposite of The Quiet Book, the things in this list are “dropping your lunch tray” loud, “burp during quiet time” loud, and “spilling your marbles in the library” loud. 

Sometimes you feel like being loud, and sometimes you need to keep quiet.  With these books, you are covered either way!

I Won’t Give Up

I am determined to blog at least once a week.  I was thinking on Monday afternoons, but that is the beginning of the week and nothing noteworthy has actually happened yet.  Besides, we are out next Monday for MLK, Jr. Day.  I had also thought about Wednesday afternoons, I have a little more time to write then.  Then there is always Friday afternoons, when I can sort of do a little wrap up of the week, but I am often fried by then (which honestly could lead to some funny posts…)

Here’s a cute library funny from today.  When kids come to the library for storytime, they sit in rows of five on our “Alphabet Rug”.  Today, the front row was made up of 4 little girls and one lone little boy.  As they were taking their places, he muttered under his breath, “Jeesh…surrounded by girls.  Great.”  Give it about ten years, kiddo!


All The Right Reasons…

I’ve been meaning to blog.  I really have.  But, um, yeah…  Blergh.

Quite embarrassed to notice the date of the last post was way back in November.  Actually, it wasn’t even a full post, just the title of what was meant to be my birthday post.  The last full post was written on the last teacher’s work day, all the way back in October, and ironically here we are again, with a teacher’s workday tomorrow.  Our first day back this year, and I have every intention of getting a lot of library la-la done, but realistically will spend a large portion of it catching up with my friends, finding out what they got for Christmas…

I will state that I resolve to try to get my writing mojo back, even if it is just a one line funny of the day.  Check back!

Work Day

Ah…teacher’s work day.  School doesn’t seem right without the kids in it, but we do get so much done.  So here I sit, gettin’ stuff ready for an amazing visit from Teacher from the Black Lagoon author Mike Thaler and counting  entry forms for the AEA sponsored “Be a Champion and Read” contest.  Students from schools all over Alabama are participating for a chance to win tickets to the Iron Bowl.

Kids are back tomorrow! Yay!

By and By…

Geez Louise!  It’s only the fourth day of school and we are already doing tests!  I know if I try to find time to write a longer, better, funner post I’ll never succeed, so I will write longer later, by and by.

We have so many fun things coming up in the library this fall: Library Boot Camp, Fall Book Fair, and maybe a few surprises too!

Sunlight and Strawberry Bubblegum

Oh, summer!  Please slow down!  You are slipping away so quickly.


However, I am already getting excited about that first day of school.  My very favorite thing in the world is greeting the students as they are unloading the bus on that first day.  It’s priceless and almost as good as sunlight and bubblegum.