posted by Allison Kinchler on Dec 16

Dear Parents,
I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by and we are entering 2016. I want you to know I have loved working with each and every one of my students. I have seen them make a lot of progress since they walked into my room in August. The class has worked so hard this year learning to add and subtract within a 100. We are able to research information and use data. We know how to write a complete sentence and a paragraph. We have practiced using the 7 Habits . I know the next few months will continue to produce a lot of great learning and memories. Please let me know if you ever have questions or concerns about what we are doing in the 2nd grade.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Mar 20

Dear Parents,
Can you believe we are almost into Spring Break??This year has really flown by!! The kids have really worked hard the past couple of weeks. We have been researching planets. They had a booklet on all 8 planets they had to work on, and they had a poster of the one planet of their choice to present to the class. When we make presentations we discuss how to be an attentive audience, we also discuss how to give a nice critique of someone’s work. I was so thrilled to hear the nice comments that they had to say to each other. It was so nice!!! You’ll have to ask them how they did.
This week we will be studying the genre of science fiction. The kids will also start to write their own science fiction book. This will probably continue after Spring Break. They will have to use similes, metaphors, alliterations, dialogue, and onomatopoeias and they will also have illustrations to go along with their story. I think it should be a lot of fun!!
Our word study words for this week use the vowel variant /oo/ using ou, and oo. The words are; would, could, stood, shook, took, cookout, understood, bookstore, couldn’t, cookies, wool, woodpecker, brook, looked and goodies. Please study these words and any other words that fit the pattern.
Also, on Monday we will have Spring pictures. I am also scheduling spring conferences now. And please have your child’s March BEAR folder ready to turn in on Friday.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Feb 27

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for coming to our Living History Museum last week. I think all of the children did such a fantastic job!! I appreciate all the help you gave them letting them practice their speech at home. We will do something very similar this Spring called Talking Zoo. I’ll let you know more about that later.

This has been another crazy week with all the weather and Boosterthon. Next week we should all be back to normal!! I did want to thank you also for all your support for Boosterthon. Our class had done an amazing job getting pledges in!! The kids have really enjoyed the program and all the lessons and incentives that have gone along with it. We will be taking up all the pledge money by March 12th. Each child will get an envelope to send in their money with.

Monday is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We will celebrate him with a scavenger hunt, reading many of his books and doing a close read of , “Oh the Places We Go!” We will also write a class book styled after his book, “And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street”. Also, I am going to let the students choose their new word study words for this week. They will pick rhyming words that fit one of the patterns we have learned in the past few weeks. We will not have a dictation test on Friday. I think the students will really enjoy all of this!

In math we have begun a unit on fractions. We are learning to identify halves, thirds, and fourths.

We are starting a new study on the planets, moon, and sun in science. This is always a fun and interesting research experience.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Next week will be the end of the third nine weeks.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Feb 6

Dear Parents,
Here are some reminders for the week:
Coupon book money is due by the 18th. Get those orders in!! 🙂
Let me know if you will be coming to math night. ( I will not be here) It is on the 17th at 6:00.
Valentine mailboxes are due on Friday.
Please have your child make a Valentine for everyone in the class.
Our party is Friday at 1:30
Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these things.
Our word study words for this week are /ou/ spelled with ou and ow. The words are; out, now, found, count, down, surround, powerful, without, cloudless, cowboy, town, crown, sound, ground and shower. Please make sure your child knows these words and others that fit this pattern.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Jan 16

Dear Parents,
I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend. Ask your child what they have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. We have been studying him in class. Next week we will begin a new biography on Rosa Parks. We are beginning our next big project which will be on Feb. 20th . This is our Living History project. Start talking with your child about who they would like to present to our class. Each child needs to read a biography about a famous person in history.
Snapshot for the week;
Reading- Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We will make a comparison with this story and The Three Snow Bears. The children will study words with the vowel dipthong /oi/ spelled oi, and oy. The words are; join, boil, joy, oil, noise, boy, voice, point, toy, coin, destroy, avoid, annoy, loyal and enjoy. Please practice using these words and any other word that fits this pattern.
Writing- We will write a paper that persuades, and we will learn how to use quotation marks. The students will write a cartoon.
Social Studies- We will continue are research into famous Americans and how they helped to shape our country.
Science- We will begin our new unit on Soils.
Math- We will continue to add and subtract 2 digit equations up to 1000.
Have a great weekend and let me know if you ever have any questions.
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Jan 2

Dear Parents,
I hope everyone had a great and restful break!! I know I enjoyed being home with my family.
This week in reading we will do a close read on The Mitten by Jan Brett. We will also do an author study on her. She has a great website you can go to learn about how she gets her ideas for writing and illustrating. Our phonics sounds will be /n/ kn, /r/ wr, and /f/ ph, gh. The words are; know, wrong, wreck, laugh, elephant, photograph, enough, handwriting, phone and graph. Please study these words and any other words that fit this pattern for the dictation test on Friday.
We will write our New Year’s Resolution for the rest of this school year. We will also learn about homophones, and we will begin to write an opinion piece. I will let the students discuss their opinion about the book The Mitten. They will write about why they do or do not like this book. They have to use evidence from the text to back up their opinions.
We will also use I- Pads to research the Arctic and Antarctic regions. We will learn about animals that live there and what the habitat is like. The students will be making a poster to display their research. They will also work together with their Nook buddy to gather information.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you ,
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Dec 5

Dear Parents,
I can’t believe that 2014 is almost over…. we have been working so hard in school!! I have seen so much growth with my class this year. I am really impressed with their research and writing skills.
We will have a full academic week as we get closer to the holidays. We will have a review unit in Reading, and so the skills will be the same ones we have studied over the past 5 weeks. Our word list is; wish, catch, bath, very, money, huge, price, stir, turn and thought. We will also review contractions, abbreviations, possessive nouns and pronouns. We will have a close read on Christmas in Sweden as we continue to research and celebrate Christmas Around the World.
In math we are working on; skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. We are also counting coins to $00.50, and working with place value. We will have an assessment on money next week too.
We will finish our Science unit on Solids and Liquids.
We will continue to research the many traditions of Christmas around the world in Social Studies. On Friday we will travel to each 2nd grade teacher’s classroom to learn about different countries.
Don’t forget that we will have a school-wide celebration of the book Polar Express by watching the movie and wearing our pajamas on Friday.
Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Nov 21

Dear Parents,
I am so proud of all the children. They did such a great job with our 2nd grade program!! I hope you all enjoyed it. It was also a special day because a lot of children got to celebrate with their grandparents. This might have to become an OMES tradition!!!
I wanted to go ahead and give you a “head’s up” as to what we will be working on when we get back.
Soc. Stu. – A lot of our focus will be researching different countries from around the world. We will be studying Christmas traditions from around the world throughout Dec. We will finish up this activity on our field trip to American Village on Dec. 16th.
Reading- We will do a close read of a Swedish folk tale. We will be able to ask and answer questions about the key details of the story. Our word study focus will be the r-controlled vowel spelled as; ur, er , ear, and ir. The words are; shirt, purple, herd, third, learn, search, perfect, circus, birthday, and surprise. Please have your child study these words as well as other words that fit this pattern. We will also learn about pronouns.
Science- We will finish up our unit on solids, liquids and gases.
Math- We will begin to focus on why numbers are even and odd. We will continue to add and subtract 2 and 3 digit numbers using number talks and many other strategies.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe break with your family and friends!! Enjoy this time off.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Nov 7

Dear Parents,
Don’t forget that we will be out of school on Tues. for Veteran’s Day. We have been studying a little bit about it. See if your child can tell you about our Veterans.
Our “Season of Thanks” program will be on Nov. 18th. We hope you can come. We will have a special moment to recognize anyone who has served in the military, so if you have any family members that you would like to invite we would love to have them. That is also “Grandparent’s Day” at the school during lunch. Maybe they can come to both?!! Please make sure your child has a solid white shirt and jeans to wear to the program on the 17th and 18th.
Our turkey project is due on the 14th. Try to work on that together as a family over the next few days. I know they will look FANTASTIC!!
Our focus for the week is;
Reading- We will read Two Bad Pilgrims. This book is written as a comic strip. The students will have time during our writing workshop to write and illustrate their own comic. It should be a lot of fun. In reading they will also have time to ask and answer questions about this historical fiction piece. We are beginning to learn a lot of information about the first Thanksgiving.
Our phonics focus is /e/ spelled as ey and y. The words are; very, messy, baby, sunny, candy, chimney, twenty, nobody, breezy, and keyhole.
Math- Unit 3, The students are working on addition and subtraction story problems. They are working with 2 digit numbers. We are also using “doubles + or – 1 to help us solve problems quickly.
Science- We are continuing our focus on the properties of liquids.
Soc. Stu.- The students are researching information about Indians and the first Thanksgiving. We are using the facts to write a multi paragraph text.
Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kinchler

posted by Allison Kinchler on Oct 31

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for participating in “Learning After Lunch”. I hope you found the presentation useful and informative. Everyone received a handout with information on how to use the Shelby County podcasts. We hope that this will give you a greater understanding on how you might help your child at home with math.
This week’s focus areas:
Reading- Our class will do a close read on the non-fiction text Squanto. The students will ask and answer questions to demonstrate their understanding of key details in the text. They will also be able to identify the main purpose and use text features. Our phonics sound for this week is; /ch/ch, tch,/sh/ sh, and /th/ th. The words are; lunch, catch, each, such, then, shadow, bathtub, starfish, matchbox and sandwich. They should also be able to know other words that fit this pattern.
Writing- The students will begin work on a multi-paragraph text in which they introduce a topic, research for interesting facts, and provide a conclusion. They will also demonstrate their command of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling in writing.
Math- The students will use known combinations to add 2 or more numbers, and develop fluency with doubles combinations.
Science- The students will identify states of matter and describe objects according to their physical properties.
Social Studies- The students will research information about Native American Indians from different regions of the United States using sources from books and the internet.
Don’t forget to turn in your Champion Reader forms, the 2nd grade program, and Grandparent’s Day forms.
Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Mrs. Kinchler