Ecology Resources

Ecology Basics: Videos: Food chains/Food webs: Symbiotic Relationships:   Biomes:  

7th Grade Atlanta Field trip Information

7th Grade Atlanta Field trip Itinerary & Expectations We want all students to have a safe and wonderful time on the field trip.  In order for the field trip to run smoothly, students and parents attending the field trip will be held to the highest standard.  We will be representing Columbiana Middle School and the […]

First Nine-Weeks Study Guide

7th Grade Life Science/May 09/26/2017 First Nine-Weeks Overview Exam: Thursday, Sept. 28th, 2017 1. Entry 1: General lab safety rules.  [Wafting, washing hands, clean up spills, follow directions,  no horseplaying, proper attire (hair up, closed toed shoes, no long sleeves, goggles, apron), no food/drink/gum, cut away from your body) 2. Entry 2: Lab Equipment: Identify […]

Reference Page: Prefix/Suffix List

Students received on Wednesday, Sept. 13th this awesome list of prefixes/suffixes compiled by Biology Junction.  This is meant to be a reference page in their notebook to help them determine meanings based on the word’s prefixes and suffixes. Such as:  Biology “Bio-” means life or living “-logy” means study of Therefore, biology means “study of […]

Donor’s Choose Project: Sheep Brains

I have created a Donor’s Choose project for our classroom.  This project is asking for donations for sheep brains to dissect. Sheep brains are costly and this is why I am asking for donations.  However, if this project is funded students will be able to see firsthand the main structure of the nervous system: the […]