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Ms. Mire's Science Class Posts

May 14-18

Monday, May 14 – Students will be reviewing for their benchmark, which is on Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 15 – Students will continue reviewing for their benchmark.

Wednesday, May 16 – Benchmark day!

Thursday, May 17 through End of Year –  We will be watching the Blackfish documentary!

May 7-11

Monday, May 7 – Students will receive their last set of Word Building Words!! (The last test will be this Friday.) We will then begin working through studying the human body through the powerpoint on Google Classroom.

Tuesday, May 8 – We will continue working through the human body powerpoint today.

Wednesday, May 9 – We will continue working through the human body powerpoint today.

Thursday, May 10 – We will continue working through the human body powerpoint today. Students have their last Word Building Test tomorrow!

Friday, May 11 – Students will take their final Word Building Test today! We will then finish up the human body powerpoint. Our benchmark is NEXT WEDNESDAY! It will cover Evolution & Natural Selection and Ecology.

April 30 – May 4

Monday, April 30 – Students will recieve their new Word Building Words for this week. They will then start working on Ecology Part 1 Nearpod.

Tuesday, May 1 – Students will finish Ecology Part 1 Nearpod and begin Ecology Part 2 Nearpod.

Wednesday, May 2 – Students will gain access to Ecology Part 3 Nearpod today. Between yesterday, today, and tomorrow, all students should also complete their Microscopic Observation of their pond.

Thursday, May 3 – Students will have this final day to complete all Ecology Nearpods, as well as their Microscopic Observation.

Friday, May 4 – Students will complete their Final Pond Observation. We will then begin learning about the Human Body!

April 23-27

Monday, April 23 – Today we will begin the Bird Beak Lab.

**Reminder – Evolution & Natural Selection Test is on Thursday, and Word Building Test is on Friday!

Tuesday, April 24 – Today students will record the class averages from the Bird Beak Lab. Students will then work to make a graph that reflects the class average data, and analyze the data through questions. This is due Thursday when students walk into the classroom.

Wednesday, April 25 – Students will finish up the analysis section for the Bird Beak Lab. They will then review for their unit test tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26 – Students will take their Evolution & Natural Selection Test today! They will then study for their Word Building Test Tomorrow.

Friday, April 27 – Students will take their Word Building Test today. They will then get their ponds out to complete the halfway-point sketch.

April 16-20

Monday, April 16 – We will continue to view and analyze Planet Earth videos today!

Tuesday, April 17 – We will finish up the Planet Earth videos today!

** Remember we are trekking around outside tomorrow to build our own ponds! Bring sensible shoes!

Wednesday, April 18 – Students will receive their new Word Building words today. Then they will pair up and and build their own pond! Students will then sketch their ponds from the top view and side view.

Thursday, April 19 – Students will check their ponds. We will then go over the Evolution & Natural Selection Powerpoint.

Friday, April 20 –  Students will check their ponds. They will then complete the Evolution & Natural Selection Nearpod and notes.

April 9-13

Throughout this week, students will be watching the Planet Earth series and answering questions on the videos.

April 2-6

Monday, April 2 – Today students will demonstrate the Teddy Graham Lab that we will be working on throughout this week. No Word Building Words this week!

Tuesday, April 3 – Students will start completing the Teddy Graham Lab today!

Wednesday, April 4 – Students will finish up the Teddy Graham Lab today. Any part of the analysis or graph not completed in class is homework, and is DUE TOMORROW!

Thursday, April 5 – Students will begin Blitz Week Review today!

Friday, April 6 – Students will continue working on Blitz Week Review today!

March 19-23

Monday, March 19 – Mr. Smith will be finishing up his research project today. I will go over the Genetics test and grades tomorrow in class. Students will also get their Word Building Words tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 20 – First, students will receive their Word Building words for the week. Then, students will take the Phylogenetics Post Test. Next, students will get their Genetics test back and we will go over it. Finally, we will begin the Genetics Disorders and Mutations Powerpoint.

Wednesday, March 21 – We will continue the Genetics Disorders and Mutations Powerpoint.

Thursday, March 22 – We will continue the Genetics Disorders and Mutations Powerpoint.

Friday, March 23 – Students will take their Word Building Test today. We will then use the remaining time to finish the Genetics Disorders and Mutations Powerpoint.

*Word Building test on this Friday!

March 12-March 16

Monday, March 12 – Students will practice Punnett Squares today. (Students will recieve their Word Building Words tomorrow!)

Tuesday, March 13 – Students will make new Word Building Words cards. This is the beginning of a new set for 2nd, 3rd, and 6th period. 4th and 5th period, remember you are still building your set since January. We will then review Punnet Squares in preparation for our test tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14 – We are taking our Genetics test today!

Thursday, March 15 – Mr. Smith starts teaching us today!

Friday, March 16 – We will finish up Mr. Smith’s project!

March 5-9

Monday, March 5 – Students will begin studying for their benchmark that is on Wednesday! The study guide can be found on Google Classroom.

Tuesday, March 6 –  We will continue to study for the benchmark that is on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 7 – Benchmark Day! With any time left, we will begin practicing Punnett Sqaures.

Thursday, March 8 – Students will take their Word Building test today. The rest of class will be spent practicing Punnett Squares.

Friday, March 9 – Teacher Work Day – enjoy your day off!