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Ms. Mire's Science Class Posts

January 8-12

Monday, January 8th – Students will get their new Word Building Words. Then, students will get the first part of their notes for this unit. Students will fill these notes out as they work through the DNA Structure & Replication Nearpod. (Nearpod can be found on Google Classroom.)

Tuesday, January 9th – Students will finish the Nearpod from yesterday. If a student gets done early, he or she will work on making flashcards to study.

Wednesday, January 10th – Students will complete the K’Necting with DNA Lab today.

Thursday, January 11th – Students will answer questions from the lab yesterday. They will then complete the DNA questions and coloring sheet.

January 3-5

Wednesday, January 3 – Students will do the “Before Reading” section of our Word Search Worksheet. Students will then read the article The Octopus: Decoded. As students read, they will complete the “After Reading” second of the worksheet.

Thursday, January 4 – Students will finish the article and worksheet. 4th & 5th period will also peer-review their Pugnacious Ponderings from the 2nd 9 weeks.

Friday, January 5 – We will go through the DNA interactive powerpoint in class today.

December 11-15

Monday – Students will take the Word Building test we missed Friday. They will then finish reading the Ticks on the Move article we started last week, and they will finish the graph worksheet that goes with it. Finally, when students are done with the worksheet, they will receive their study guide for the benchmark. The modified schedule is below:

Monday: Math

Tuesday: ELA (English)

Wednesday: Social Studies

Thursday: Science

Friday: Electives/Make-Ups

Tuesday – Students will work on their study guide.

Wednesday – Last day for students to work on and study their study guide for the benchmark!

Thursday – Science Benchmark Day!

Friday – Early release (1:00pm)

December 4-8

Monday – Students will get their final set of Word Building Words for this 9 weeks! Students will then begin working on their Cell Division foldable.

Tuesday – Students will finish their Cell Division foldable, then use any remaining time to study for their tests.

Wednesday – We will review Cell Division in preparation for our test tomorrow.

Thursday – Students will take the Cell Division Test today. Afterwards, students will study for their final Word Building Test of 2017!

Friday – Snow Day!! Friday’s activities will be moved to Monday.


***Please remember your test on Cell Division will be this Thursday, and you will not be able to use notes or other activities we have completed during this unit! Also, your Word Building Test is this Friday, as usual!

November 27-December 1

Monday – Students will make new Word Building cards for this week. We will then start working on the Cell Division Notes.

Tuesday – We will finish Cell Division Notes today.

Wednesday – Students will work on Chapter 3 Section 5, completing the following:

A.Define all Key Terms on pg 95

B. Read the section

C. Answer the Reading Checkpoint Questions (there are 3)

D. Do the Math: Analysing Data Questions on pg. 100

E. Answer all Section Assessment Questions (NOT Writing in Science)

Thursday – Finish Ch 3 Section 5 work from Wednesday.

Friday – We will do simulations to remember the steps of cell division. Students will then receive the Mitosis Coloring sheet to complete.

November 13-17

This week we are working on the Egg Osmosis Lab. Throughout the week, we will also work on our new Word Building Words and finishing the Unit 5 notes. Thursday and Friday students will also work on their conclusion for the Egg Osmosis Lab.

This Friday is a Word Building Test!

November 6-10

Monday – students recieved their new Word Building Words for this week. Then they continued working on their Cell Analogy Project.

Tuesday – students continued to work on their project.

Wednesday – students were supposed to turn in their project at the beginning of class today. Due to the Veteran’s Day Program, our schedule is radically different through the day today, so students will be able to work on their packet and project again. The packet is due before the students walk out of the classroom.

Thursday – students started taking notes as we went through the Powerpoint for Unit 5.

October 30-November 3

Monday, students will make cards for their new Word Building Words for this week. They will then make their own drawings of a plant and an animal cell. Tuesday, students had a “Catch-up Cafe” day, where they could work on assignments they needed to catch up on. On Wednesday, we will go over notes on Cell Organelles while students fill in their guided notes.


On Monday, students will receive an opportunity to earn half-credit back on their test from last Monday. Here is what the students will receive and must complete:

Unit 3 Test Reassessment

The following can be completed to earn half-credit back on each question from the Unit 3 Test.

  1. Do all of the following for each question you answered incorrectly (make sure each part is labelled with “a,” “b,” etc.):
    1. Write the question
    2. Write the your incorrect answer
    3. Write the correct answer
    4. Write the document from the checklist that would help you answer this question correctly
    5. Explain in at least 2 sentences how you can figure out the correct answer, what the correct answer is, and why that is the correct answer; can also include why other answers are wrong

This is due November 3, 2017.

October 23-27

Monday, students will take their Unit 3 Test. Students will also get the new Word Building Words for this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, students will be working on creating their own infographic to show the harmfulness of drugs on the human body, in honor of Red Ribbon Week! Friday, students worked on the Key Terms, Reading Checkpoint Questions, and Section Assessment Questions from the textbook, Chapter 2 Section 4.

October 16-20

On Monday, students will make their cards for the new Word Building Words for this week. Then they will finish their fill-in-the-blank notes as we review and finish the powerpoint on Microscopes & Cell Theory. On Tuesday, students used Quizlet to study both their Word Building Words & the vocabulary for the Microscopes & Cell Theory Unit. They also received a crossword puzzle to complete to further test themselves on their knowledge of the unit vocab. On Wednesday, students received the Prokaryote Coloring sheet to complete. They also started working on their Create Your Own Test assignment. On Thursday, students continued working on either the Prokaryote Coloring or the Create Your Own Test. On Friday, students will take their Word Building Words Test, then will have the rest of the period to finish their checklist. The checklist is due Monday. Students may use all materials on test, and will turn in checklist after test is complete on Monday.


Word Building Words test this Friday, October 20th! (4th & 5th period – you are still responsible for the 1st 9 weeks words as well!)

Microscopes & Cell Theory Unit test next Monday, October 23rd!