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Ms. Mire's Science Class Posts

March 19-23

Monday, March 19 – Mr. Smith will be finishing up his research project today. I will go over the Genetics test and grades tomorrow in class. Students will also get their Word Building Words tomorrow.

*Word Building test on this Friday!

March 12-March 16

Monday, March 12 – Students will practice Punnett Squares today. (Students will recieve their Word Building Words tomorrow!)

Tuesday, March 13 – Students will make new Word Building Words cards. This is the beginning of a new set for 2nd, 3rd, and 6th period. 4th and 5th period, remember you are still building your set since January. We will then review Punnet Squares in preparation for our test tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14 – We are taking our Genetics test today!

Thursday, March 15 – Mr. Smith starts teaching us today!

Friday, March 16 – We will finish up Mr. Smith’s project!

March 5-9

Monday, March 5 – Students will begin studying for their benchmark that is on Wednesday! The study guide can be found on Google Classroom.

Tuesday, March 6 –  We will continue to study for the benchmark that is on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 7 – Benchmark Day! With any time left, we will begin practicing Punnett Sqaures.

Thursday, March 8 – Students will take their Word Building test today. The rest of class will be spent practicing Punnett Squares.

Friday, March 9 – Teacher Work Day – enjoy your day off!

February 26-March 2

Monday, February 26 – Students will get their new Word Building Words for this week. We will then work through the Genetics 2 Nearpod.

Tuesday, February 27 – Students will get the Genetics 2 Notes to complete today.

Wednesday, February 28 – Students will finish up Genetics 2 Notes, complete the Genetics 2 Practice, and make flashcards for Genetics 2 Learning Targets.

Thursday, March 1 – We will go over Genetics 3 Powerpoint today.

Friday, March 2 – Students will complete Genetics 3 Nearpod and fill-in-the-blank notes. If it is not completed in class, it is homework!! Next week we will be reviewing for the benchmark.

February 19-23

** There are 2 tests/quizzes on Friday! Students should be reviewing the information EVERY night!

Monday, February 19 – Students will get their new World Building Words today. They will then start working on the Genetics 1 Nearpod.

Tuesday, February 20 – Students will finish working on the Genetics 1 Nearpod and filling in their notes. If we have extra time, we will study our word building words.

Wednesday, February 21 – Students will recieve Learning Targets for Genetics 1. They will make flashcards to study, and spend extra class time studying.

Thursday, February 22 –  Dress for Success Day!! Be sure you dress in professional attire today! We will study Genetics 1 information and review for word building

Friday, February 23 – There are TWO tests/quizzes today!! First, students will take the Word Building Test. Then, students will take a quiz on Genetics 1.

February 12-16

Monday, February 12 – Students will receive their new Word Building Words for this week. We will spend the rest of the period studying those words!

Tuesday, February 13 – Students will begin their traits survey project today! To do this, students will begin with a survey of their own traits. They will then get together with their group to create a data table of the group’s traits. Finally, students will create a graph depicting the prevalence of traits in their group.

Wednesday, February 14 – Students will finish the traits survey project today.

Thursday, February 15 – We will go over Genetics 1 today, which focuses on genotypes and phenotypes!

Friday, February 16 – No school for students!

February 5-9

Monday, February 5 – Today students will continue working on their Monster DNA Project. There will NOT be Word Building Words this week.

Tuesday, February 6 – Today is the last day for students to complete their Monster DNA Project. These are due at the end of class today.

Wednesday-Friday, February 7-9 – I will be gone on the Dauphin Island Field Trip. Students will pick 1 Science World magazine each day when they come in, read it, and do the accompanying worksheet to work on their reading and writing skills. All work must be completed in class. Students will not be allowed to bring magazines home to finish work.

January 29 – February 2

Monday, January 29 – Students will get their new Word Building Words today. Then, students will read the Tiny Pigs article and answer analysis questions.

Tuesday, January 30 – Students will recieve a full list of learning targets for the DNA/RNA/Protein Synthesis Unit. Students will make flashcards to study for our test, which is THURSDAY! Also, we have a Word Building Test Friday. Students should be studying something every night this week!

Wednesday, January 31 – Students will continue to make flashcards to study for our test tomorrow. Study hard!!

Thursday, February 1 – We are taking our Unit 7 Test today! (Remember…we have a Word Building Test tomorrow!)

Friday, February 2 – We are taking our Word Building Test today. We will then start our Monsters DNA Project! Happy Friday!

January 22-26

Monday, January 22 – Today we will be doing ASPIRE Interim Testing as required by the county.

Tuesday, January 23 – Students will extract the DNA out of strawberries today! (They will also get thier new Word Building Words for this week.)

Wednesday, January 24 – Students will practice reciting the process of protein synthesis. They will then work individually or with 1 partner to work on the analysis and conclusion questions from the lab yesterday. Finally, they will study their Word Building Words.

Thursday, January 25 – We will do a simulation of protein synthesis today!

Friday, January 26 – Students will receive a crossword puzzle to review the DNA/RNA/Protein Synthesis material. Any time left in class may be used as Catch Up Cafe day, in which students can catch up on any assignments they have yet to complete.

January 15-19

Monday, January 15 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 16 – No school due to inclement weather

Wednesday, January 17 – No school due to inclement weather

Thursday, January 18 – No school due to inclement weather

Friday, January 19 – Students recieved their fill-in-the-blank notes to complete along with the RNA & Protein Synthesis Nearpod