March 20

Today we will work on the Genetics Terminology Practice Worksheet. Students will then work individually on Genetics Practice Problems Worksheet.

March 13-16

March 13

Students completed the Genetics Nearpod and filled in their Genetics Notes.

March 14-15

Students are working on their Monsters! Students were given a strip of DNA and had to complete the process of protein synthesis in order to figure out their Monster’s traits. Students then must draw a picture of their Monster.

March 16

We are in the library working on our cloning paper.

March 17

We are studying the Genetics vocabulary in Quizlet.

March 6-7

We have been in the library working on our cloning paper. Students picked a side (legal or illegal), then chose 3 reasons to back their decision up. Students should now be working on finding evidence for each reason. This can all be found in the Cloning Paper Checklist document in Google Classroom.

March 1 & 2

Both days, students will review for their test on Friday. We did a protein synthesis demo yesterday to help understand the steps of protein synthesis better. Today we will review all material that will be on the test, including: cell division, DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis.

Benchmarks are next week!

February 24-28

Feb. 24:

Students finished their Cloning Sources assignment on Google Classroom. They were to find 3 articles they could use when writing their cloning paper later this year. They each had to pass the C.R.A.A.P. test.

Feb. 27:

Students completed the Protein Synthesis Nearpod, taking their own notes as they went. They then studied the vocab on Quizlet.

Feb. 28:

Students received their Learning Targets for the Cell Division/DNA test that is this Friday, March 3rd. Students are making flashcards to study.

February 23

Today, students will turn in their lab work from yesterday. Then, they will complete the DNA Structure & Replication Nearpod and fill in the notes as they go.

February 22

Today we are building models of DNA using K’Nex. Students will answer 5 “Evaluate Your Learning” Questions at the end. Any drawings or questions not completed in class are homework, due tomorrow.