Week of March 28 – April 1

ALL CLASSES – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – we will revise and edit our research papers for the final draft.  DUE Wednesday at midnight.

Thursday and Friday, we will watch the movie, The Book Thief, and complete a viewing guide – DUE Friday before SB or the first day back (If absent on Friday).  If you miss, the movie can be rented from RedBox or Amazon Instant Video for $1 to $4.  

Have a Safe Spring Break!!!!!!

Week of February 29 -March 4

  • Homework
    • Study for Benchmark Roots Test -March 4th
    • Complete study guide for 9wks exam -due Monday, March 7th
    • DGP (daily grammar practice) test – Monday March 7th
  • Advanced only
    • Finish the reading in NBTT before Friday’s discussion
    • Final groups prepare for presentations – March 4th

Week of February 22 – 26

  • Homework-all classes
    • Root cards 23-25 due Thursday
    • Grammar wkbk pgs 75-84-some class time will be given, due Friday.
    • study for roots quiz 3
  • Advanced only
    • Reading in NBTT thru pgs 176 before Friday’s discussion -some time will be given in class.
    • Groups 7 and 8 – presentation questions due Thursday


Don’t forget to have your root cards ready to turn in at the beginning of class tomorrow (Thu)!  See blog if you need to.

Also, STUDY for the ROOTS QUIZ – Friday!  Words 1-17!