Wednesday 8/19/15

Remember the lab Safety Rules Test is tomorrow.  You must make an 80% or higher on the test to participate in labs this year.  Whatever grade you make tomorrow is the grade that will go in the grade book.  If you make below an 80%, you must retake the test until you do make 80% or higher.  Then you will be able to participate in labs…as long as you have also turned in the signed safety contract.

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Monday 8/17/15

The class syllabus signature page is still due this Wednesday if you haven’t turned it in already.

There will be a test on the laboratory safety rules this Thursday.  The safety contract signatures are also due this Thursday.  You must make at least an 80% on the test and turn in the contract signatures before you will be allowed to participate in labs this year.

Safety Rules and contract

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Wednesday 8/12/15


Welcome to Mr. Walker’s wacky world of Physical Science!  Your first assignment is to click on the “General Info.” tab at the top so that you may review the 2015 Syllabus and Procedures document with your parents.  The signature page is due back by next Wednesday, 8/19/15.

This page and the bell-ringer page will be updated only on the days that there is an actual assignment and/or bell-ringer given in class.  I look forward to a wonderful and fun year in science this year! :)

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