Biome Projects

This week was spent working on biome projects.  Next, Thursday, November 19, 2015, a rough draft of their final product will be due.  For those classes completing the menu project, you also have a due date on Thursday.  If you have not turned any assignment in to me, you must turn one in on Thursday, or you will lose partial credit.  Let me know if you have questions!

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Bonding and Upcoming Unit Test

This week we have learned how ions form, the patterns we see on the periodic table, and how ions bonds through electron transfer.  Additionally, we have learned how to identify and name ionic compounds.  Next week we will be working on covalent and metallic bonding with a mini unit test on Friday 11/20/15.

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Atomic Structure

We have been working on atomic structure for over a week.  You will have a quiz on Monday, 11/2/15. Topics for your quiz include: 1) using subatomic particles to determine an elements name and whether its an ion or isotope, 2) knowing how to write in hyphen notation and ion/isotope notation, 3) know the difference between ion and isotope as well as atomic mass and mass number, 4) know whether an element is a metal, non metal or metalloid. You will be able to use a periodic table. Email me with any questions.


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Element Quiz #2 tomorrow!

Here are the elements that will be on the quiz tomorrow in you have misplaced them. Remember spelling DOES count! 

1.Titanium – Ti

2.Chromium – Cr

3.Manganese – Mn

4.Iron – Fe

5.Cobalt – Co

6.Nickel – Ni

7.Copper – Cu

8.Zinc – Zn

9.Arsenic – As

10.Bromine – Br

11.Krypton – Kr

12.Zirconium – Zr

13.Silver – Ag

14.Tin – Sn

15.Iodine – I

16.Xenon – Xe

17.Platinum – Pt

18.Gold – Au

19.Mercury – Hg

20.Lead – Pb

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Physical Science 10/19 – 10/21

We have completed guided notes on atomic theory and atomic structure.  This introduced us to the atom and its parts.  We learned what an atom smasher is and watched a video on how it works.  On Tuesday, we completed a worksheet in which we were given different facts about an element(ie. number of protons) and we had to determine neutrons, protons, mass number, atomic mass, and the symbol of the element.  Today we will be working on a web quest.  The assignment for this can be found on google classroom.  There will be an element quiz tomorrow on the next group of elements they were assigned.  I will attach the notes and power points here.



PNE Worksheet

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So far this week in Environmental Science

Now that benchmarks and homecoming are over, it’s back to work.  We have completed and review the guided notes for Chapter 5(10/19), we began a web quest(10/20) and are completing it today(10/21). I have attached the power points, guided notes sheet, and web quest to this post.  Please let me know if you have questions.

ch05_sec1 revised ch05_sec2 revised ch05_sec3 revised

chapter 5 notes

ch_5_2 -cycling materials webquest

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Element Project

Students have all been assigned an element to complete the attached project on.  I had intended for us to work on this in class, but many students are not bringing supplies.  This is due by the end of the class period tomorrow, Thursday, October 15, 2015.  Please let me know if there are any questions!  Element Square Requirements- 2015- 2016

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Food Web

We have been working on energy flow through ecosystems.  So, this week, we are working on a food web.  A great deal of the work has been done in class.  I will attach the initial assignment page if there are any questions.  Constructing-a-food-web-12cukg4

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Finally up and running!

Finally up and running!  I hope this helps any of you who do not use Google classroom.  I will continue to post things on Google classroom as well as here.

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