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Math- continued work on Tiny Houses. Monday will be the last day. I have seen some really good work as well as good team work.  I can't wait to see the finished products.

Social studies- Bell ringer quiz then went over the answer for the benchmark review.  Here are the answers so you can be sure you are studying the correct answers. Please remember do not just memorize the answers. The test will be similar but NOT the same.

Math- finished up tiny house project and did evaluations. If you were absent, you still need to complete an evaluation. Math benchmark tomorrow. Be sure you know your formulas! The benchmark review was given last Monday and Tuesday.

Social studies- We had a guest speaker doing a lesson on the Titanic. Social studies benchmark is tomorrow. If you need to see the study guide and answers- see Friday's post. Wednesday and Thursday we will be watching Hidden Figures to look at civil rights as well as more on the Cold War.


Math- 4th nine weeks Benchmark Review Day 1 due tomorrow. You benchmark is Tuesday, May 15.

Social studies- New bell ringer words definitions- See below. Read pg 376-381 and answer #1-10 on Chapter 12 Section 2 and 3 in complete sentences on your own paper.

86) Cunning: sly, crafty or clever
87) Grueling: physically or mentally exhausting
88) Meticulous: showing great concern for details; extremely careful or precise
89) Restitution: the act of doing something or paying money to make up for damage, loss or injury that you have caused
90) Waft: to float easily and gently on the air; drift


Math- checked Thursday's assignment and reviewed finding surface area of rectangular prisms. Today's assignment- measure 10 household items to the nearest 1/2 centimeter and calculate  the surface area. Everyone had time to get the measurements done in class. Students were told to finish the calculations for homework.

Social studies- We will have the bell ringer quiz on Monday. We had Mrs. Fuller come do a lesson to get us started on the Cold War and communism. We did a Twitter Talk. What did you think about? We also did a before and after learning questionnaire.

Math- checked Friday's assignment and started volume of rectangular prisms. Students took notes in their math composition notebooks. We also reviewed measuring to the nearest 1/2 cm. Today's assignment was to measure and calculate area of 6 household items. We will check answers tomorrow.

Social studies- 100 Words bell ringer definitions (see below). Completed discussion of War in Japan. Students given Chpt 11 Section 3 and 4 TAKE Home quiz Due tomorrow for a grade.

  1. Contortion:a sharp twist or bend in something
  2. Fragrance: a sweet or pleasant odor; scent
  3. Materialize: to appear out of nowhere
  4. Replenish: to build up a supply of something again; fill again
  5. Vigilant: watching out for danger or something that might go wrong; watchful