May 18, 2017

Math- made towers with toothpicks and Play-dough. One tower ended up being 13 inches tall!  I still have some students that are working on missing work. I need it a.s.a.p!

Social studies- continued Hidden Figures. 


May 17, 2017

Math- students who needed to finish make-up work or project worked on it during class but need to finish a.s.a.p. Others worked in a group to make a bridge out of popscicle sticks and 3 feet of painters tape. The bridge had to be 12 inches between two desk. Winning group held 2 binders, 2 math books, and 1 social studies book. Impressive!

Social studies- Checked answers on Civil Rights paper from yesterday then started Hidden Figures. Students answered questions while watching.

May 10

Math- reviewed for benchmark and checked yesterday’s work. Benchmark is tomorrow and Friday. Here is the Powerpoint we used while playing Zap! We didn’t get through all of it so check it out. 4th Nine Weeks ZAP!

Social studies- went to the 1970s Tomorrow to the 80s! What have you enjoyed most about the presentations so far?  Benchmark is Tuesday. I gave a review sheet out on Monday. Here it is again! SS Benchmark Study Sheet for 4th nine weeks 2017

May 4, 2017

Math- checked WS 2, worked on WS 3- Test on Monday.

Social studies- worked on Decade Days projects. Be sure to submit by midnight tomorrow. You can share the presentation-

May 3, 2017

Math- checked Tuesday’s assignment then started Composite Figures WS#2. You should finish it for homework. Test is on Monday.

Social studies- took Chapter 11 TEST then given time to look for information for the decade day project. Since I was out, students were not allowed to use Chromebooks. Be sure you have information for your project!

May 2, 2017

Math- WS #1 Test on Monday.MATH BENCHMARK for 6th grade will be on May 11-12

Social studies- Checked Chapter 11 REVIEW Test is Wednesday. We also started the Decade Days project.. It will be due Friday at midnight.


Objective: For students to research various aspects of American culture and politics during their assigned decade (1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s of 2000’s).  This is also an opportunity for students to work on research, communication and presentation skills.


Display- 80 pts- Create a Google Slideshow that you will use to share information about your decade.
You should include important dates, events, and people so that others can get a good picture of your decade. Must be accurate, no spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors. No text message writing.
Font needs to be easy to read- size, style, and color.
Include technological advancements.  (Inventions, technology)
Include important information, dates, events, and people. Including presidents, wars or conflicts, etc.
Include fun information- sports records, best movies, best songs, entertainment, fads etc.
Address one of the following questions (minimum of 1 paragraph) ** The only one you MUST type up completely on your slides
– If you could change something about that decade, what would it be and why? OR
– What was the most controversial of the decade? Explain.
Shows best effort- meaning you would be proud for it to be displayed for others to view.
A minimum of 10 slides but no more than 20. If you include a video clip or music, it must be preapproved for 2 reasons- that it isn’t blocked and that it is appropriate for school. It should be saved to your Google Drive.
**We will be using the Chromebook lab on ____________________________________________during class. Use your textbook or visit the library to get additional information. These are due on May 5 by midnight through Google Drive. No changes afterwards. This gives everyone the same amount of time to complete their project.

Sharing your Stuff- 20 pts
Share your decade to the class. It should be 10-12 minutes in length. You should speak clearly and loudly so everyone can hear. Do not read from or to the board.
SUGGESTION- Don’t write all of your words on your slides; make notecards to remind you what to talk about or just talk.. Practice with family and/or friends.  If you
want to add animation, do that after everything is completed. Last but not least, don’t wait until the last minute. Start looking now for information from your textbook.
Dressing up- 15 Bonus pts – Dress up to represent your decade or a person from your decade. You still must be in dress code.

1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12 May 15
Activity Criteria Points earned
Display 80 pts o   All information is correct.

o   No spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors (-0.5 pts each)

o   Minimum of 10 slides but no more than 20

o   Includes technological advancements

o   Includes important information, dates, events, and people

o   Includes fun information- sports records, best movies, best songs, etc.

o   Addresses one of the two questions given in directions.

o   Shows BEST effort

Sharing 20 pts o   Speaks clearly

o   Speaks loudly

o   Between 10-12 minutes.

o   Shares highlighted information.

o   Didn’t speak to the board or read from the board

Dressing up BONUS 15 pts o   Accurate depiction of the time period

o   In dress code