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Math- checked Monday's worked, reviewed converting fractions, decimals, and percents, then started today's assignment. It is pg 224 #35-38, p 202 #10-17
pg 206 #10-18, pg 212 #9-16,  and pg 220 #14-21, 24-31 (can use a calculator and notes) Test on Friday. If you know that you will be out on Friday, please see me Thursday about taking the test. 

Social studies- Answered the following entrance ticket- What were the 6 causes of WWII then worked on sketch notes for the first 4 pages on Chapter 11, Section 1- WWII

Math- checked and turned in WS4B then took Percent proportions test (given only class period to complete. Homework- E-31 Percent Airhead Riddle Due on Monday. There are blank boxes between words. You MUST show work in order to receive credit.

Social studies- took bell ringer quiz and the worked on sketch notes for the first 4 pages on Chapter 11, Section 1- WWII

Math- checked Monday's assignment then took the benchmark. I also gave back the inequality tests for students to do retests on the test. They cannot change anything on the test but they should rework the problems missed on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the test. They are due by the first of their class period on Thursday otherwise the grade stands. I did it differently because the test was on material from when I was out with the flu.

Social studies- Benchmark then given World Leaders Map Directions World Leaders Map which we will work on in class. No homework- study for your benchmarks.

Math- bell ringer, checked Friday's work, and reviewed for benchmark that is tomorrow. Today's assignment:3rd NINE WEEKS Rev There are no ratio or rates on the review but they are on the benchmark.

Social studies- Bell Ringer- Today in History. We went over the questions from Friday. (3rd nine weeks SS Benchmark Study Guide.)

Math- bell ringer, checked and took up WS #1 and Stars and Stripes Coordinate grid. Today's assignment: Using Unit Rates WS #2 Benchmark is Tuesday.

Social studies- took bell ringer quiz then finished sharing from Thursday. Benchmark is on Tuesday. It will cover Chapter 8, 9 and 10. Today, I also passed out a 3rd nine weeks SS Benchmark Study Guide and we will check on Monday.