March 22, 2017

math- bell ringer, checked yesterday’s assignment, answered any questions before the test began. Assignment due on Friday (or when you return from Science Field Trip)- coordinate picture of your choice- Mr. P favorite gridTiger, or Pig graph on Coordinate grid paper large

Social studies- skipped bell ringer today, checked answers from yesterday, took Chapter 10 Section 2 quiz- open notes- not book. After test, Dust Bowl. it will be due when we get back from Spring Break. We started Sunnyside today and will continue to watch Charlie Chaplin tomorrow.

March 17, 2017


I was out for the math tournament today.
Math- bell ringer, checked Thursday’s work. Today’s assignment- pg 553 #1-7 and pg 585 #8-16. Test Tuesday on area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and triangles.
Social studies- bell ringer and took Chapter 10:1 quiz. Today’s assignment- Chpt 10 Section 2 pg 300-301


March 15, 2017

Math- bell ringer, checked yesterday’s work and worked on area of parallelograms- Pg 525 #1-16 Test on Tuesday (area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and triangles)

Social Studies- bell ringer, checked #12-21 questions finished questions. Quiz Friday Chpt 10:1

March 16, 2017

Math- bell ringer, checked yesterday’s work and worked on area of triangles- Pg 532 #1-15 Test on Tuesday.

Social Studies- bell ringer, checked remaining questions, did a review quiz, and students created 5 test questions with the answers. Quiz tomorrow Chpt 10:1

Chapter 10 section1

March 13, 2017

Math- entrance ticket, Polygon (Frayer model vocabulary into composition notebook), discussion on polygons and finding distances of 2 points with the same x or y coordinate. Assignment-Pg 799-800 #5-20 (5-9 together) pg 477 #6-11 (#1 together), Pg 801 a & b with graph paper (a together)

Social studies- bell ringer (Today in History)  Chapter 10 Section 1 notes #1-11 only



March 6, 2017

Math- went over review- students will given the opportunity to ask any questions before the benchmark was handed out. Started Benchmark- we will finish it tomorrow We will start ACT interim 4 test on Wednesday and finish on Thursday.

Social studies- bell ringer, time to work on review, students that were finished worked with each other to study.