September 20, 2017

Math- checked Multiply decimals WS #1 from Tuesday. Today’s assignment-Add and Subtract Decimals/ Multiply decimals      Even #s only. Students can do odd numbers for extra practice. Test is on Friday.

Social studies- Today’s bell ringer Week 3 11-15 and continued research in the library for the trading cards.

September 19, 2017

Math- checked WS #2, took notes on Multiplying decimals (pg 20-21) and did Multiply Decimals WS 1 Test on adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals test is planned for Friday.

Social Studies- went to the library for starting Trading Card Project CAIN due Monday. We will be in the library for 3 days to work on them. I will provide the index cards too! If students need more time after the 3 days, they can work on at home after that.


September 14, 2017

math- turned in scavenger hunt. Points given for completion. Took long division test then started Review WS #23- due tomorrow for a percentage grade!
We are starting decimals tomorrow. You should have your INB everyday. I graded them over the last two days. I told you I would be grading them. It should be an easy 100 points. If you are absent- it is your responsibility to get it caught up.

Social studies- did Today in History bell ringer, turned in Chapter 4:3 notes and took 4:3 quiz. Given notes right back. Start studying for Chapter 4 test- it will be gold! I will have a study guide tomorrow and the test will be on Monday.

September 8, 2017


Math- did interest survey then a scavenger hunt with long division. The test is scheduled for Tuesday.

Social studies- finished discussion on Chapter 4, Section 3- finish questions and re-read the section. Quiz on Tuesday.

September 7, 2017

math- did an entrance ticket on long division, checked ws #2 from yesterday, and started WS #3. Based on the entrance tickets, I pulled a small group.  Divsion WS 3 W and P. Students working with me did WS#3P and the others did WS#3W. They are the same problems but one is all word problems.

Social studies- turned in maps and took quiz then we continued our discussion on Chpt 4, Sect. 3  Complete #8-15 on the questions/notes sheet

September 6, 2017

Math- took pop quiz on 5 steps of long division. I was also checking heading. We checked Tuesday’s assignment and started Division WS 2 Pick 10. Please number paper according to the number of the problem.  The quiz is planned for Monday.

Social studies- Today in History bell ringer and started Chapter 4 Section 3 discussion and notes. Chapter 4 section 3 and Chpt 4 sect 3.
Remember the Northeast map is due tomorrow and will have a quiz on it too.