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Math- bell ringer, turned in Tractor from Thursday, and noted who had missing work.  Today's assignment:  Expression- Why you should look out for a pig who knows karate ?  Due Tuesday. Students who were finished were allowed to turn in. No work= no credit.

Social studies- bell ringer quiz, turned in Chapter 8 notes- all, then took Chapter 8 test.

Math- checked and took up Wednesday's assignment before the expressions test (GOLD) tractor was given for homework and is due tomorrow.

Social studies- Bell ringer- synonyms (see below) Quiz tomorrow. Went over Review questions and were given the last question on the test:  (12 points) Pick one to respond to in a paragraph. *How did American entry into the conflict affect World War I? *What did America do to help the war efforts before and during WWI?TEST TOMORROW

1.lingo – slang – vocabulary = ________
2.applicable – belonging – related = __________
3.flock – herd – mob = _________
4.ash – cinder – coal = _______
5.betray – deceit – fool = _______

Math- bell ringer, checked and took up WS #34, played Three Peas and a Pod, then started REVIEW WS Substitution and expressions which is due tomorrow. Test is tomorrow as well.

Social studies- Bell ringer- pictures- see below, checked Chapter 8, Section 4 questions. Given Chapter 8 REVIEW.    We will go over answers tomorrow. Test on Friday on Chapter 8.

Words 31-35

Math- bell ringer- Entrance ticket- turned in. checked Task Cards and took up then started Variables and Expressions WS#34 Due tomorrow. Test on Thursday.

Social Studies- bell ringer- see below, checked questions from 8:3 and discussed 8:4- what happened after the war. Chapter 8 Section 4 notes  and Chapter 8 Powerpoint. Please finish the questions. We did several together in class.

  1. The hollow trees where the bees ______ and store the wild honey.
  2. To ensure a prompt reply, please include all _____ details in your email.
  3. The _____ of a fire cast a faint glow from a massive fireplace.
  4. In cards, there are many ways to ____, depending what situation you are in.
  5. When Jim read over the report his doctor gave him, he could not understand any of the medical _____.

Math- bell ringer, checked Friday's work and reviewed writing expressions and solving expressions. Students completed  Task Cards in the room using the verbal expression and writing a numerical expressions and solved the expression. Students worked in pairs to play Roll it - as they evaluated algebraic expression. The test is moved to Thursday.

Social studies- Bell Ringer- Words to Know- See below. Quiz will be on Friday. Checked Section 3 questions from Friday. Continued discussion on Chapter 8 Section 3. Complete Chapter 8, Section 3 questions before class on Tuesday. Chapter 8- WWI test will be on Friday.


31.Bluff: to engage in a false display of strength or confidence, especially in order to deceive someone

32.Ember: a glowing piece of burning wood or coal

33.Jargon: the specialized language of a trade, profession or group of people

34.Pertinent: related to the matter at hand; relevant

35.Swarm: a large number of insects or other small creatures, especially when in motion

Math- BR, checked WS #1, evaluating expressions lesson then Evaluate expressions WS#2 The test is on Wednesday.

Social studies- BR- Today in History- see below. Check Section 2 questions then started section 3 discussion. Complete #1-7 on Chapter 8, Section 3

george washington carver died on january 5 1943 he was born in missouri as a slave but he later becomed a famous scientist he experimented with peanuts and found over 300 different ways to use them

Math- bell ringer, students shared their expressions, then started WS# 1. Be sure to finish the assignment before class tomorrow. Early finishers were allowed to play a expressions game. Test Wednesday.

Social Studies- Checked Wednesday's assignment then did a written response- Why did the US join WWI? We continued discussion on Chapter 8, Section 2. For homework- Chapter 8 Section 2 part 2



Math- bell ringer (demonstrated using scientific calculators to solve fraction problems), took notes about Expressions, worked in a group to match algebraic expressions and verbal expression. Homework- create 4 algebraic expression and their verbal expression. See INB tab for pg 51-55

Social Studies- Today in History bell ringer below  Copy and edit- I will take up the bell ringers on Friday for a bronze grade. Reviewed WWI information. Looked at the events that lead up to US joining the war. Read and complete:Chapter 8 WWI review and Section 2 part 1

alaska became the 49th state on january 3 1959 alaska is knowed for its rich natural resources like oil gold and trees alaska is our most big state and it also has a longer coastline then any other state

math- turned in Santa from Monday and started a 4 quadrant picture-Christmas Tree.

Social studies- started benchmark project. Since half of the class has only had me for 1 month, we are doing an ABCs of American History project. Students were given paper and instructions in class. They worked all of class today and will continue tomorrow. There are 24 square with a letter of the alphabet in each except the last square has x, w, and z. They should use a word about American History from this semester whether in my class or another teachers'. For the last box, they only have to do one of the three letters. 10 of the words must also have an illustration. This is an individual project. They must do it on their own.