Bell Ringers 2013-14

Every Thursday, you will get a bell ringer for two weeks. Do the day’s bell ringer when you get to class. We will go over together so you can check and make corrections. There will be a quiz based on the week’s bell ringer. The bell ringer, work, and quizzes should be kept in the math binder in the Bell Ringer section.

Bell ringer NEWEST ON TOP. Send a comment if you come here and you can’t find this week’s.

BR Apr 17-30

Bell Ringer Mar 31- April 16
Bell Ringer March 10-18 

BR Jan. 27 – Feb. 12

BR Jan. 6-22
Bell Ringer 12-2 to 12-18 

BR 11-14 to 11-22 Test is on FRIDAY before Thanksgiving.

Bell ringer 10-31 to 11-12

 Sept 6 – Sept 18 
Aug 22- Sept 4

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