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Awards Day

Friday, May 18 th at 1:oo the third grade will have an awards ceremony in the lunchroom.

We would like to invite parents and grandparents. Please dress your child in Sunday clothes and send a change of clothing. Parents may check their childrend out after the awards presentation. I suggest that you check them out before and get your slip and bring it to me as you are leaving.

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I have enjoyed working with your child this schoolyear. I hope you all have a safe and wonerful summer and I wish them the best in their school career. Please remember to continue to practice multiplacation facts and read weekly to stay prepared for the upcoming school year!

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Meet Your Teacher

Hello My Friends,

I just wanted you to know your teacher. First, let me tell you that I have always wanted to be a teacher. Even when from my first day of school I would run from my bus stop to my house where my little sister was waiting for me and I would teach her everything I had learned that day. I have been teaching ever since. I love to read, go walking, take pictures of floweres and old buildings and play golf. I am so excited to meet you and get to know what you like to do. We are going to have a fun year!

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Welcome to my blog post

Today is a good day!

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