Week beginning 3/16

Practices, games and Fortnite took a chunk out of several student’s grades the third 9 week period.  I was careful to give only reading assignments that would take 20 minutes or less per night to read.

The remaining reading check date is 3-20 for May and June.

We will have a gold test on March 22 covering the book.  Questions will center on character analysis and April, May and June.

We have covered direct and indirect objects and will have an unannounced quiz on those topics in the near future.

Class averages were a little lower the 3rd  9 weeks

Highest class average= 3rd period 90.31

2nd highest= 5th 89.85

3rd highest=1st period 88.3

4th highest= 6th 88.16

5th highest= 4th 83.52

Gold test 3/7

Gold test on 3/7: novel: definition and characteristics drama: definition and characteristics I have given students a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts novels and dramas.  If they have lost their copy they will be able to get a new one on Monday. This will be the best review for that portion of the test […]

Analysis of September and October (WW)

I am enjoying listening to the comments about our new book and its characters.  The WASAPS (wonders, sparks, and predictions) were especially entertaining and inciteful. Wednesday Wars On Monday we will continue to analyze “September” and on Thursday we will take a reading vocabulary quiz on  “September”‘s  and “October”‘s vocabulary and a reading check quiz on […]

6th grade drama over—well literature drama week of 10/25

All students should have their personal copy of The Wednesday Wars.  I have 4 remaining that I purchased and can resell to students.  Students must have their novel, journal, and grammar workbook with them each class period. Grammar workbook assignment due Tuesday: Ex. 1 on pages 101, 103, 105 Novel independent reading assignment: “September”  We will also […]

New edition week of 1/12

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zpFT6r3DgsATOwaQhb6CGhYXJMi7Q9C9IG-Tq8RjK9w/edit Normally we listen to “Ballad of Birmingham” and read “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” In observance of The MLK holiday. I am disappointed we will not be able to do so this week but we will have this lesson in May.  If you have never visited the Civil Rights Museum web site, I urge […]

Historical fiction one page report (Silver Independent reading grade)

Due typed Google Docs using Shelbyed.org Dec. 5 Typing may be done in class Dec. 4 if necessary Name_______________________Period___________ Grade______________ Title Of Book: Author: In one sentence, this book is about: 4 main characters including protagonist and antagonist: Name and description  of each using 6 single words ( adjectives, character traits) and 5 prepositional phrases […]

Week of 11/3 and Highest class average results first nine weeks

Congratulations to my 3rd  period class for having the highest class average for the first nine weeks. They had an average of 91.35.  Other averages were: 89.17, 88.99, 87.97 and 85.84 I cannot post the highest overall average.  There are 6 students with an average over 100. Seventy-one students had an “A” average.   Next […]

The end of Spirit Week Week beginning 10/20

Due Monday: Carefully complete the handout “Text Evidence and Inferences” Due Wednesday: Carefully read pages 302-314.  In your journal list 6 events from the story in the order in which they occur. ON FRIDAY: GOLD TEST ACADEMIC VOCABULARY Big Q words and sequence, plot, conflict, theme, symbol, tone or author’s perspective, mood or atmosphere, point […]

October–lots of spider talk–assignments for week of 10-13

Test Gold:  academic words Oct. 20 new academic words: theme,  symbol, tone, prose, drama, poetry reviewing: Big Question 1, plot, fiction, non-fiction Due Wed.:GWB ex. 1 only on all of the following pages:175, 177, 179, 181, and on 183 Ex.1 do only 1-10 Due Thurs.: carefully read page 111 and pages 122-128  several times Then , […]