2018/19 HMS Volleyball Team

2018/19 Volleyball Team

We would like to thank all the girls that signed up and came to the HMS Volleyball tryouts.  All the girls worked hard and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship.

We will have a parent meeting on May 1st at 6:00 pm here at HMS.

The following numbers have been selected for the HMS volleyball teams:

2 21 52 65
5 24 53 69
9 30 55 70
12 32 56 71
13 39 59 72
15 42 62
19 46 63


Welcome to a new school year!

Welcome back to HMS! I’m really excited to start a new year. My goal is to have each student learn something new everyday. All students can access an online textbook through the link above (Online text / Study help). The user name and password are there with the link to the textbook website. The calendars for each grade are located on the right side of the blog. This will show what we have completed and what I plan to teach for the next week or two. Thank you parents for all you do for HMS!