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July 28th, 2010 · No Comments

I recently read a book by Andy Andrews titled The Noticer. I would like to recommend this book. I read it in one sitting and came away with a wealth of perspective.

“Life is a breath, a passing breeze; a blade of grass, green and vibrant for a time, only to wither, die and disappear. …life is like a game of Monopoly. You may own hotels on Boardwalk or you may be renting on Baltic Avenue. But in the end, it all goes back in the box. The next generation will be getting out all your stuff and playing with it or fighting over it.”

“Would you like to get what you deserve?” “Me? I surely don’t want what I deserve. I’m hoping for mercy, not justice.”

“If one makes a mistake, then an apology is usually sufficient to get things back on an even keel. However- and this is a big ‘however’ – most people do not ever know why their apology did not seem to have any effect. It is simply that they did not make a mistake; they made a choice….and never understood the difference between the two.”

“Forgiveness is about the past. Trust and respect are about the future. Forgiveness will be in the hands of others and can be given to you, but trust and respect are in your own hands…and must be earned.”

“….but if you want to become a person that others want to be around, you must always hold your life to the very highest standard.”

“You can keep the fork. The best is yet to come.”

I hope the snipets will lead you to the book.

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