WEATHER TEST—TOMORROW!! We will use the Chrome Books to complete the test. STUDY WEATHER PRACTICE TEST #2!!!
Absent Today?
1. We completed Weather Fronts Foldable—SNB entry #19. This is our last SNB entry for the 9 weeks.
2. Semester Exam–Science Notebook Scavenger Hunt Format!
–Today we marked all the SNB entries for our Semester Exam with Post-It notes.
–Any missing entries can be obtained/completed during our “study” days.
–You will be allowed to use your notebook for the exam, so DO NOT FORGET TO BRING IT!

Monday, December 4th


1. Please complete WEATHER PRACTICE TEST #2 in GOOGLE CLASSROOM at least once by Wednesday, 5 PM.  You may complete it as many times as you want to prepare for our test on Friday.
2. LAB TOMORROW—-Hair pulled back, no exposed toes or loose clothing.
3. MEET ME IN LAB A-107—DO NOT GO TO THE CLASSROOM! Due to the weather, another group will be using our classroom tomorrow.

November 13 -17

Monday 11/13 (Mrs. Brown was out.)

  1.   We completed SNB entry #11–VORTEX GRAPHIC ORGANIZER.
  2.   We read about tornado watches and warnings and completed a TORNADO SAFETY foldable.

Tuesday 11/14–  We reviewed the work from Monday.  If you were out on either day, this assignment can be completed in class when you return.

Wednesday 11/15—

  1. Read “Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes” from the Understanding Weather and Climate textbook.
  2. Complete notes and table from handout 2.1

Thursday 11/16 (ADVISORY SCHEDULE)

  1.  LAB—Investigate the heating and cooling rates of Earth’s surfaces.

Friday 11/17—

  1. Review lab data and enter it in the SNB.
  2. Watch “Storm Chasers” segments from the April 27th 2011 storms that hit Alabama.


Atmosphere Test—Thursday, November 2nd

The test questions for the ATMOSPHERE TEST will be posted on the practice test in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

  • On Monday 10/23 we will finish our layers of the atmosphere notes and play a game to review them.
  • New test study questions will be posted Monday night as HOMEWORK.
  • Students will be assigned the following homework for a BRONZE grade—STUDY IN GC by completing the practice test for ATMOSPHERE.
  • The date completed, time completed, and score received are reported to me automatically as each student submits the practice.
  • They can complete the practices as many times as they want, but to receive the HW grade, they must complete it at least once.
  • This is a BRONZE HW grade when assigned.
  •  I will update the practice test as new material is learned.
  • A GOLD test on Earth’s Atmosphere is scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd.


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Tuesday, October 3rd

1. Notebook Check (25 Points GOLD)—Entry #11, Table of Contents, & Organization
2. Viscosity Investigation with MOLASSES, KARO SYRUP, HONEY, and SAND
3. Volcanoes Foldable Notes

THURSDAY: Volcanoes Test #1 (50 Points GOLD)
The terms for Volcanoes Test #1  and the critical thinking concepts are posted in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  We will discuss these concepts again tomorrow during our VISCOSITY INVESTIGATION.



Thursday, 9/28

Today in class we—

  1.  Returned and reviewed test papers.
  2.  Began building background on VOLCANOES

Class Work—(ABSENT?  Please go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM to complete the assignments from today.)

Read—–Volcanoes:  Help or Hindrance

Answer Questions 1-17 of the Guided Reading

Reviewed new VOCABULARY LIST—Posted in GC

TOMORROW—We will take the Aspire Science Interim Assessment on the Chrome Books.  This is a data gathering assessment and DOES NOT count as a grade. Just do your best.