Do you believe every child should have clean water and food? A safe place to live? An education? The chance to learn about and worship Jesus? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, then I want to see you in the choir room TUESDAY (10/10) morning at 7:15!

Please join me in the choir room TUESDAY MORNING at 7:15 to learn about an amazing service club Mrs. Hess, Ms. Morrison, and I are sponsoring. We are calling it CLUB SOZO—and it will change the way you see the world and the people living in it!

Watch the video and follow the links—–your “YES” tomorrow could change the world for a SOZO child!

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Tuesday, October 3rd

1. Notebook Check (25 Points GOLD)—Entry #11, Table of Contents, & Organization
2. Viscosity Investigation with MOLASSES, KARO SYRUP, HONEY, and SAND
3. Volcanoes Foldable Notes

THURSDAY: Volcanoes Test #1 (50 Points GOLD)
The terms for Volcanoes Test #1  and the critical thinking concepts are posted in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  We will discuss these concepts again tomorrow during our VISCOSITY INVESTIGATION.



Thursday, 9/28

Today in class we—

  1.  Returned and reviewed test papers.
  2.  Began building background on VOLCANOES

Class Work—(ABSENT?  Please go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM to complete the assignments from today.)

Read—–Volcanoes:  Help or Hindrance

Answer Questions 1-17 of the Guided Reading

Reviewed new VOCABULARY LIST—Posted in GC

TOMORROW—We will take the Aspire Science Interim Assessment on the Chrome Books.  This is a data gathering assessment and DOES NOT count as a grade. Just do your best.



TEST ANNOUNCEMENT—-EARTHQUAKES—WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th. You must know the vocabulary without any support. You will be able to use your SNB for the short answer, multiple choice, and critical thinking questions.

TODAY—We continued our notes on Earth’s Layers and completed a convection current investigation.
TOMORROW—We will learn more about plate movement and plate boundaries. If your class has contributed enough candy for the activity, we will use candy to learn about the plate boundaries!
FRIDAY—-Plate Tectonics review with oranges!

MISSING MAGNITUDE AND INTENSITY NOTES?  Here they are! If you don’t have the paper for the foldables, any color paper is fine—even notebook paper!

Tuesday, 9/19

Thank you for the supplies we’ve received so far!  Please help us out by donating a bag of NAVEL oranges and/or a bag of “fun” size Snickers or Milky Way bars by Thursday, 9/21.

1. Finish your Plate Boundaries Map. DUE THURSDAY 9/21 (SILVER)
2. Study Earthquake Vocabulary List #2

3. ABSENT? We completed SNB entry #11.  Please go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM for you make-up work.

We have an investigation that requires us to use a candle. Please pull your hair back and do not wear loose clothing.

Monday, September 18th

ABSENT TODAY?  We completed notes on MAGNITUDE and INTENSITY.  Please see me about making these up when you return to school.

1. Review Earthquake Vocabulary List #2!

2. Plate Boundaries Map–Due Wednesday! Mine is below if you need help. You may “fix” the one you started in class on Friday or print off a new one. I have also included a link to a blank copy if you want a fresh start!

Plate Tectonics Map–BLANK


Each class needs 4 bags of oranges and 2-3 bags of FUN SIZE Snickers or Milky Ways.  Either candy bar is fine.

PARENTS—Please let your kiddo know if you can contribute ONE of the the following by this THURSDAY no later than FRIDAY:
1. 1 Bag of NAVEL oranges
2. 1 Bag of FUN SIZE Snickers or Milky Ways.

Earthquake Resistant Building Challenge

Today we engineered and tested earthquake resistant buildings!  Students were allowed to video their construction and testing.  Go to Google Classroom to see some Pics and a cool video Jacob B. made today!  :0)

Tomorrow—-We will learn how to use P and S wave data and a method called triangulation to find the epicenter of an earthquake!